Saudi Arabia Borrow Big as Oil Revenue Dries up
Multi Billion Dollar Deal expected soon

Is Shrinking Oil Income Prompting Sukuk Issuance?
Gulf countries facing a Budget Deficit during Oil Glut

Chinese Bank CP Levels, Cause for Concern?
Issuance has grown a lot over the past 6 years.

Cheap Sterling Floods Corporate Bond Markets
Has GBP finally bottomed out?

Deutsche Bank, What is outstanding?
EQ Linkers, Subordinated and Senior Debt?

Investors Pile cash into non-Financial/SSA Commercial Paper
Money Market Funds invest an additional USD28.9bn. ...  ...

US CP Market again drops below Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings
Month End Causes drop on both sides of the Atlantic.

World Bank’s latest USD 500m Green Bonds
Use our Data Sheet tool for Green Bond market analysis

EC moves on Sustainable Finance in Capital Markets Union
Check the growth of the Green Bond market using the Data Sheet tool

No Trumping Green Bond market
Use our Data Sheet tool for further Green Bond analysis

Germany calls for ECB QE to be unwound
To see how much ECB eligible outstandings there are use our Data Sheet tool

Record corporate issuance: How much and Why?
Use the Data Sheet tool to check Industry trends... ...

Healthy appetite for Green Bonds continues in Q3
The Data Sheet tool gives detailed analysis on Green bonds

Morocco enters Green Bonds
Green Bond Market deepens further. Use our Data Sheet tool to find out by how much

BoE supports a social agenda in additions to QE Corporate List
Unexpected issuance has been included

LIBOR Problems: US Proposes 3 Rates
Use the Data Sheet Tool to check the size of the USD FRN market....  ...

Bank of America sticks with Green Issue
Electoral uncertainty does not deter Green Bonds

Domestic Banks continue to reduce outstandings in US CP markets
Banks buck the trend in ECP market

Brexit court defeat
What will be the impact on Sterling issuance?...  ...

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