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Latvia prices EUR Zero Coupon syndicated Euro market bond.

Goldman Sachs prices USD Zero Coupon Certificate of Deposit

Council of Europe prices EUR Fixed Rate private placement

Commerzbank [Frankfurt] prices 5-yr USD Fixed Rate private placement

Saxony Anhalt prices GBP Floater

ADB prices NOK Gender bond (update)

PEPP purchases heavily skewed to SSA whilst Corporate steady and CP negative

Werder Bremen FC prices EUR private placement

Mitsubishi UFJ EUR Fixed to Floating Callable syndicated Sushi bond.

Scandinavian Biogas SEK700m green bonds

What are the tasks of the Debt Investor Relations Team?

UBM mandates sustainability-linked hybrid bond

Varma invests EUR 230 million in State Street’s sustainable climate bond funds

ADB prices short dated ZAR Fixed Rate private placement

BNG Bank N.V. prices 30 year EUR Fixed Rate bond market private placement

IBRD prices ZAR Fixed Rate private placement

Service Public de Wallonie prices EUR Fixed Rate Mussel private placement

EIB taps EUR1bn private placement

ADB Sells USD5.5bn Dual Tranche 3- and 7-Year Global Benchmark Bonds

Declining inflation risk premium likely to drive eurozone breakeven rates lower in the medium term

Intense issuance activity at the 7Y bucket; NGEU funding to start soon

Swisscard triple tranche Swiss consumer credit card receivables Bond

Emera rolls 2016 5-year Bond Offering

Why is the Fed selling it’s holdings of corporates?

Cairn CLO X DAC 6 tranches priced

2bps tighter + USD425m excess SSA 3yr [AA+] demand for CEB Social Inclusion Bond

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