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[Conference] Asia Sustainable & Responsible Capital Markets Forum 2018
Euromoney Conferences new Hong Kong event will bring together experts from across the Asia Pacific region, and from Europe and North America, to grapple with the questions of how to accelerate the greening of Asia’s capital markets.

[Training] Inflation Derivatives & Index-Linked Bonds
The market for inflation derivatives and other index-linked products is constantly evolving. This programme covers the mechanics of the instruments, their valuation and how they can be used to take or hedge inflation exposure alone or embedded in other

[Training] ICMA Training Course - Introduction to Green Bonds
This two-day course from ICMA provides a thorough and practically oriented introduction to the essentials of green bonds. Developed and delivered by a combination of leading market practitioners and ICMA’s green bond experts, the material also benefits f

[Conference] The 1st Annual Asian Structured Credit Summit
No other event will gather such a diverse cross-section of leading global CLO managers, mortgage and consumer backed securities issuers, covered bonds programme managers, and major Asian and Australian institutional investors including those based in Aus

[Training] Convertible Bonds Issuing, Pricing & Investing
This course explains in detail the broad range of convertible securities and associated applications and trading strategies. Participants will undertake a series of workshops to explain the key ideas including pricing convertible bonds, the incorporation

[Training] Understanding Securitization and ABS
Recognise the main risks pertaining to the collateral, originator and servicer

[Conference] IMN’s 3rd Annual Investors’ Conference on Italian & European NPLs
The Role of Securitisation in Fueling NPL Purchasing Power

[Training] Covered Bonds: Credit & Market Risk
Evaluate the relative risks and rewards of covered bonds vs. other funding instruments (e.g. RMBS, CMBS, unsecured debt)

[Training] Strategic Asset-Liability Management for Financial Institutions
Practical application and strategic decision making are emphasized throughout the course via real-world case studies and workshops, which focus on the experiences of a range of institutions.

[Training] CMBS Credit Risk (Europe)
The overall goal of this two-day course is to equip those connected to the European CMBS market with the analytic skills and understanding to assess the risk and rewards inherent in CMBS.

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