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Press Releases

Euro CP hits USD 1 Trillion as USCP just under
Foreign Banks Drive US Market

Euro CP down USD 4.4bn as USCP increases by USD 5.3bn
Foreign Banks not active in US market

Euro CP up by USD 10.75bn as USCP drops USD 10.9bn
Euro CP approaching the 1 Trillion mark

Euro CP up by USD 7.6bn, USCP drops USD 3.6bn
US Domestic Non-financials have the biggest influence

Euro CP and USCP almost neck-and-neck
US Financials surge

Euro CP decreased USD 750m whilst USCP down USD 1.4bn
US Financials drag

Euro CP Increases by USD15.7bn whilst USCP increased by USD9.1bn
Both markets pretty much even in total amount outstanding

Euro CP increases by USD960m whilst USCP increased by USD5.8bn
Foreign Banks retreat from US market

Euro CP increases by USD 13.5bn, USCP up USD 10.9bn
Foreign Banks push USCP Market

Euro CP up by USD 1.5bn whilst USCP jumps USD 10bn
Domestic Banks Drive USCP

Euro CP up USD3.4bn whilst USCP drops USD10.3bn
Euro market reclaims largest title...just

SSA Drives Euro CP, US Domestic Banks Fall Back
Weekly Outstandings Snapshot

Euro CP Drops nearly USD20bn as USCP Reclaims Largest Market Title
Euro Gov's plummet as Corps gain ground

Euro CP Increases by USD12.6bn whilst USCP Increased by USD18.4bn
Both markets make continual weekly gains since the start of the year

Euro Commercial Paper increases whilst US Commercial Paper decreases; both by
Outstandings increased by USD958 million

Euro CP decreases USD18bn as USCP drops USD6.7bn
However, ABS Markets in Euro and US make gains

Euro CP increases by USD 14.4bn whilst USCP increased by USD 24bn
Both markets hovering around USD937bn level

Banks continue to drop outstandings in both US and Euro Commercial Paper markets
US Commercial Paper market size drops faster than Euro-CP....  ...

Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings Stable as US continues descent
Non-Financials drive drop in US Commercial Paper Outstandings.

ECP and US CP drop by USD24.6bn in total
US Domestic Non-Financials drop by USD 25.2 billion

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