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CMDportal growth and Objectives for 2017


Why we collaborate… 

Collaboration, the action of working with someone to produce something, is more than just about that what it produces. It is a lot about "working together".

Of course the results drive and motivate but when we look back, we are invariably personally more touched by the interaction and support that we receive from those we work with, than what lies in front of us as the result of our collaboration.


Collaboration creates relationships, relationships is what matters as they lay the foundation of more collaboration.  It is thus that we are very sensitive and responsive to user feedback. Invariably it leads to platform changes within weeks of having discussed new ideas. In 2016 we made many such changes to our platform resulting in massive growth of our audience.

CMDportal objective 

Our objective is to make bond and money markets better through collaboration, to provide connectivity for market professionals allowing them to achieve better results. 

CMDportal network from 21,000 to over 26,000 

CMDportal has progressed from a data aggregator to a collaborative data network, which is widely accepted. In 2016 we grew the number of registered users to from 21,000 to over 26,000. This is a hugh achievement given that in the previous two years we registered 2,000 and 2,750 fixed income professionals respectively.


We are very optimistic about 2017 and have some amazing plans. We look forward to working together in realising a network that is totally unique in financial markets. We can do it, but only with your help and feedback. Please get in touch to with your ideas and suggestions. We are there for you. 

Pieter van Dyck

Managing Director and Founder


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