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European Commercial Paper decreases USD12.4bn whilst USCP decreases USD1bn

What is the size of the European Commercial Paper and Certificates of Deposit (ECP) Market?
On Wednesday the 18th of July 2018, the outstanding amount of European Commercial Paper (CP) and Certificates of Deposit (CD) made a weekly decrease of EUR7.9bn to EUR1.1tn. This figure includes Euro Commercial Paper (ECP), French (NEU CP) and German CP and CD.

The outstanding amount of ECP made a weekly increase of EUR2.3bn to EUR820bn.
The outstanding amount of NEU CP made a weekly increase of EUR5bn to 275.8bn.

The outstanding amount of German CP/CD made a weekly decrease of EUR579m to EUR12.9bn.

What is the size of the US Commercial Paper and Certificates of Deposit (USCP) Market?
In the third week of July 2018, the outstanding amount of USCP decreased by USD1bn to USD1.095tn.

Where is this data coming from?
CMDportal is the global Bond and Money Market data utility connecting 
issuersdealers and investors. The service aggregates data from a wide range of sources, including issuers, dealers and fund investors recording who issued, who traded and who bought the instruments. USCP data is sourced from the Federal Reserve. NEU CP data is sourced from Banque de France. In the CMDPortal database all issuers are converted into USD upon trade date.

Can I produce a Debt Capital Market (DCM) statistical query like this?
Yes you can. CMDportal provides a wide range of tools to analyse Bond and Money Markets. Commercial paper and certificates of deposit market issuance and redemptions data can be produced using the Data Sheet for monthly, quarterly and yearly ranges. Data Sheet results can be downloaded as an XLS file. Data trends are also available for SSA, FIG, Corporate as well as Asset Backed Commercial Paper Issuers. Trial the service or contact to learn more.


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