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The amount of Elisa’s Eurobond tender is confirmed
The tender offer was made through NatWest Markets and Nordea Bank Abp.

BBVA print first blockchain-supported swap-linked green bond
Find more green FIG issues using the Instrument Search Tool !

Turk Telekom issued USD500m Eurobond
Find Turk Telekom's past Eurobonds here.

LBBW and MEAG complete first ABCP blockchain transaction
How big is the ABCP market? - Data Sheet Tool

Continental, Commerzbank and Siemens Field-Tested Blockchain Technology on Money Market
Commercial paper transaction processed in minutes rather than days thanks to blockchain technology!

Volvo Cars issues new SEK bond
Issuers can post their Press Releases for FREE on CMDportal. Use the Add Blog button!

Euribor Hybrid Methodology: EMMI's Second Public Consultation Paper
A blueprint of the Hybrid Methodology for non-expert audiences was also published!

Why is the 3 month USD Libor dropping?
How is the USD ECP outstanding amount moving in the last weeks? - Data Sheet tool!

Euro CP retreats USD560m as USCP drops after four weeks of increase
How does the ECP amount vary over time? - Data Sheet tool!

Euro CP up USD5.7bn as USCP grows for fourth straight week
Run your ECP queries on CMDportal using the Data Sheet!

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Who is doing the deals?
Overall Issuer 01/01/2018 - 30/12/2018
Rank Name US$m Trades
1 3,561,612 126
2 2,539,592 730
3 937,454 7,498
4 817,231 53
5 806,821 303
6 687,548 197
7 529,877 103
8 483,225 2,105
9 474,705 16,120
10 328,109 92
11 317,495 526
12 279,152 244
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Overall Dealer 01/01/2018 - 30/12/2018
Rank Name US$m Trades
1 305,427 2,217
2 269,443 1,814
3 243,031 1,639
4 234,766 1,390
5 230,098 1,444
6 197,615 1,090
7 197,230 1,242
8 165,543 1,076
9 144,983 942
10 110,050 932
11 93,426 452
12 93,054 734
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