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Outstanding ECP drops USD4.7bn whilst USCP drops USD16.2bn
How is the ECP Outstanding amount changes over time? - Data Sheet tool.

Oustanding Euro CP increases USD590m as USCP drops USD22bn
Run your own CPCD queries using the Data Sheet tool.

Euro Commercial Paper up USD1.9bn as USCP goes down by USD6.9bn
Run your own flow queries using the Data Sheet tool.

USCP goes up USD10.8bn as ECP drops USD4.8bn
Run your own CPCD queries using the Data Sheet tool.

USCP drops to its lowest level since January 2018; ECP drops USD6.7bn
Run your own CPCD flow queries - Data Sheet tool.

ECP drops USD11.2bn as USCP goes up USD11.1bn
Run your own CPCD queries using the Data Sheet tool.

Who is driving international bond issuance in Asian emerging markets?
Chinese and Korean borrowers stand out!

How is the Green Bond market performing in 2018 so far?
Sovereigns and Supranationals play a major role.

Where are the largest Green Bond issuers coming from?
Nordic Green bond issuers step up!

Euro Commercial Paper up USD622m as USCP drops USD500m
Run your own CPCD flow queries using the Data Sheet tool.

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Who is doing the deals?
Overall Issuer 01/01/2018 - 12/12/2018
Rank Name US$m Trades
1 3,263,612 116
2 2,378,160 669
3 935,054 7,493
4 802,291 299
5 705,485 46
6 655,548 192
7 526,635 99
8 470,708 15,979
9 425,006 2,005
10 328,109 92
11 288,873 493
12 264,655 229
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Overall Dealer 01/01/2018 - 12/12/2018
Rank Name US$m Trades
1 302,162 2,167
2 267,406 1,768
3 238,396 1,599
4 231,840 1,353
5 228,502 1,390
6 196,508 1,078
7 194,639 1,218
8 164,478 1,065
9 144,333 911
10 108,825 915
11 93,138 446
12 90,611 712
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