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determines how interest accrues over time

Debt Instrument
In the Capital Market Data Model we make no distinction between Commercial Paper, Certificates of Deposit, Bills, Bonds, Notes or MTNs. Collectively these are called Debt Instruments.

A security whose price is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is merely a contract between two or more parties. Its value is determined by fluctuations in the underlying asset. Most common underlying assets include: stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and interest rates.

Developing Capital Markets
are the markets of those nations, where the industrial base is less developed.

Dim Sum Distribution
A Dim Sum bond is a CNY denominated bond issued in Hong Kong

Distributors - Industry Sector
Distributors and wholesalers of general merchandise not classified elsewhere. Includes vehicle distributors. Part of the Retailing Industry Group.

Diversified Consumer Services - Industry Sector
Companies providing a range of services such as home security, legal, personal, renovation, weddings & funerals, educational services.

Diversified Financial Services - Industry Sector
Companies providing a diverse range of financial services and providers of specialized financial services. Includes credit agencies, stock exchanges and specialty boutiques.

Diversified Industrial
The Diversified Industrial Industry Sector comprises companies that produce industrial products, materials and services. 

Diversified Services
The Diversified Services Industry Sector comprises companies that provide residential services, home security, legal services, personal services, renovation and interior design services, consumer auctions and wedding and funeral services.

Domestic Market Bond
A form of bond that is traded in a domestic market

Dual Currency (DC) Bond
A DC or Dual Currency Bond is a negotiable debt instrument that exposes the investor - in exchange for a higher return - to a specific Foreign Exchange risk.

Duration Manager
The role of a duration manager is to stabilise the market during the setting of the bond’s issue price, by acting as a counterparty on behalf of all the syndicate members for switch orders presented by the investors (orders presented on the condition of simultaneous sale of another security at a certain minimum price).

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