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Federal Government
An administrative division, managed and controlled by the State as a Federation and part of the public sector

Financial Institutions Group

Financial Corporate - Industry Sector
The Financial Corporate Industry Sector consists of entitles that are serve as finance companies providing financial services, including intergroup borrowing and lending.

Food & Staples Retailing - Industry Sector
Owners and operators of supermarkets, general food retail stores, drug retail stores and pharmacies.

Food and Drink Producers and Processors
Companies that produce and process agricultural products to make food and/or drinks.    

Food and Drug Retailers
Industry that comprises owners and operators of supermarkets selling food and consumer staple products, general food retail stores, drug retail stores and pharmacies.

Food Products - Industry Sector
Producers of agricultural and animal products. Processors and producers of packaged foods.

Foreign Market Bond
a bond issued by a foreign borrower in the currency of the country in which it is sold

Forestry, Paper and Packaging - Industry Sector
Comprises companies whose main line of business is manufacturing timber to produce desired wood and paper products.  

Formosa Distribution
A Formosa bond is a non-TWD denominated bond issued in Taiwan

Frequent Issuers
Those that regularly visit the capital markets for financing.

Frontier Capital Markets
Frontier capital markets are a type of developing capital market.

Frontier Market Bonds
Bonds issued in the domestic market or currency of a frontier country.

An instrument that can be substituted for something of equal value.

Futures Contract
A contract between two parties to buy or sell an asset for a price agreed upon today (the futures price) with delivery and payment occurring at a future point (the delivery date). Considered a derivatives product because it is a function of an underlying asset.

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