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Gas Distribution - Industry Sector
Companies whose main charter is to distribute and transmit natural and manufactured gas.

GBP Bond Market
can be split by investors, into an international and a domestic market, and on the other hand by issuers, into the foreign and non-foreign market.

General Retailer - Industry Sector
The General Retailer Industry Sector consists of companies that sell finished products to end consumers. This sector does not include Food and Drug Retailers.

Generic Ratings
"CMDportal "Generic Ratings©" are worked out as the lower average of the issuer’s credit ratings available to CMD. Where relevant, separate "Generic Ratings©" are calculated for senior and subordinated debt as well as for debt issuance programme ratings.

Global Bond
a bond issued in a form that allows it to be traded in both the relevant domestic and international Bond Marke

Government - Central Bank
Entities that manage the financial system including the currency and reserves of a country through monetary policy and bank / financial institution supervision regulations.

Government - Corporate
Companies owned by the State and in which the State has significant influence.

Government - Development Bank
Public financial institutions that finance projects which generate economic development.

Government - Guaranteed
Entities that issue debt which is guaranteed by the State.

Government - Local Authority/Municipality
Entities of the State that have jurisdiction over a particular county, area or city, town and can set local regulations.

Government - Region/Provinces
Entities of the State that have jurisdiction over a particular region or province and can set regional regulations.

Government - Sovereign
Entities that are the State.

Government - Supernational Institutions
Entities that have been created by a treaty for a specific purpose and acts on behalf of a number of States.  

Government Agency/Department
Entities that act as part of the State.

Green Bond
Bonds that raise finance for an environmental project.

A collection of one or more legal entities that through ownership or other types of control belong together.

Group Industry
The Industry classification on the CMD Portal refers to the type of entity. The categories are: Corporate, Bank, Fund, Government, Insurance, Structured Finance Vehicles and Unknown. Corporates include all private profit maximising entities except those that we categorise as Banks. The defining characteristic of a Bank in our categorisation is that it has a banking license. The Government category contains the state debt issuers as well as various SSAs (State and Supranational Agencies) such as the World Bank and regional development bodies.

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