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Order of repayment in the event of a sale or bankruptcy of the issuer.

Real Estate - Industry Sector
The Real Estate Industry Sector consists of companies that build or acquire land, buildings, homes, and so on, either to rent, lease or sell for profit.

Regulation S
Debt Instruments sold under Regulation S (Reg S) of the United States Securities Act, are sold outside the USA and do not require registration with the SEC provided they adhere to specific conditions, including adequate protective measures to prevent the sale to US retail investors.

Religion - Industry Sector
The Religion Industry Sector consists of companies that are in the business of spreading religious beliefs.

Re-offer price
The Re-offer price is the price at which an underwriting syndicate of a debt issue sells the bonds to public investors. The syndicate will have purchased the bonds from the issuer for less than the Re-offer price, removing the issuer’s risk of not selling the entire issue.

Repo - Security Type
The sale and repurchase of a debt instrument for typically a short period of time.

Restaurants, Pubs and Beverages - Industry Sector
The Restaurants, Pubs and Beverages Industry Sector consists of service businesses that provide food and beverages to customers through various outlets.

Reverse Dual Currency (RDC) Bond
A Reverse Dual Currency Bond (RDC) is a negotiable debt instrument which does the reverse and pays a foreign interest rate in the investor's domestic currency.

Meetings within the context of a bond offering

Rule 144A
Debt Instruments sold under Rule 144A of the United States Securities Act can be offered in the U.S. to qualified institutional buyers (QIBs).

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