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Real Return XIII: The Inflation-Linked Products Conference 2019

On Wednesday 4 September, Euromoney Conferences will return to New York for the annual The Real Return Inflation-Linked Products Conference at a time of ever more divergent views of the future path of inflation. 

In recent years a recurring theme at this conference has been why inflation is so low whilst economic growth has driven the economy ever nearer to full capacity. The recent uptick in inflation towards the Fed’s 2% target seems to be receding, is this again due to structural adjustments in the US economy? Or a temporary aberration on a long term normalisation? What are the implications for the TIPS market? And other forms of real return investment? 

Is the recent yield curve inversion an indication of a real slow down in the US economy? Or a result of technical factors? Either way, what are the implications for the next move from the Fed? And for the Dow? 

A key theme in this year’s conference will be better understanding the response of the Fed and other central banks globally to increased political challenges to their independence, alternative objectives – such as price level targeting and the implications of structural changes to the economy on monetary policy.    

This is one of the most important days in the financial calendar for the inflation-linked bond market. 

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