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Global Bond

From the Collaborative Bond and Money Market Data Portal 

A Global Bond is a bond issued in a form that allows it to be traded in both the relevant domestic and the international Eurobond Market. For a Global USD denominated bond that means either an SEC registered or exempt bond like for example a Rule 144 Bond. However, not all Rule 144A Bonds are Global Bonds. Global USD Bonds typically have a Regulation S ISIN and a Rule 144A ISIN. 

In the Collaborative Bond and Money Market Data Model, the field "Market" appears with the attribute or classifications: 
- Euro Market
- Foreign Market
- Global Market, and 
- Domestic Market.


In Capital Market Data analysis the first two letters off the ISIN are used to determine the Market with the following results;

- XS ISINs are either Euro or Global Bonds,
- non-XS ISINs are either Domestic or Foreign Bonds. 

Based on available data, on the 1st of October 2018, the size of the Foreign Bond Market was over USD 1.7tn. 

For information on issues in the Global Bond Market, please use the Instrument Search tool.
For information on the current size of the Global Bond Market, please use the Data Sheet tool. 
For information on the composition of the Global Bond Market, please use the Issuer Search tool. 
For information on active dealers in the Global Bond Market, please use the Dealer Search tool. 

For information on active investors in the Foreign Bond Market, please use the Fund Search tool. 

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