gbp From the Editor May Bucks Typical Trend to Record USD151bn Benchmark Expansion 1 Jun,2015
At the end of last week, we mentioned that the bond market had posted a weekly expansion, despite the weaker synthetic credit market and lack of Greek deal. Outstandings in the final week of May grew by over USD15bn.  This ...

gbp SSA Auction ECB's PSPP Should Keep EGB Supply Negative in June 29 May,2015
Next week, EGB supply is expected to drop to EUR12bn, from EUR15.5bn this week. Germany will raise up to EUR3bn on Wednesday, ahead of France's auction on Thursday. Outside the Eurozone, Japan and the UK will be opening the auction ...

gbp League Table SMBC Nikko Races to Top of Samurai League Table with 2 More Deals 29 May,2015
 The Samurai bond market got a boost from foreign banks this week.  Thursday and Friday saw a couple of new deals come to the market, taking the first 5 months of issuance this year to USD4.46bn.  This is lagging last ...

gbp Mover Will Credit Suisse Climb Up Indian DCM League with Rajiv Baruah's Appointment? 29 May,2015
Rajiv Baruah has joined Credit Suisse as the Head of Fixed Income, India.  The bank has also appointed Gaurav Pradhan as the Head of Fixed Income Sales, India.Baruah was previously at Maquarie Bank in Singapore, where he was the MD ...

gbp Viewpoint Strong Green Bond Demand for ANZ, TenneT, but Moody's Highlights Lack of Standards 28 May,2015
 Moody’s published a report on Wednesday titled "Environmental Risks and Developments Green Bonds Start to Bloom", which highlights the growth potential for the green bond market. An increasing number of currencies and issuers have made this market more diverse, pushing ...

gbp SSA Weekly EUR Issuance Shrinks Further as European, Global SSAs Print USD 28 May,2015
The SSA bond market was in an expansion mode last week (18th 24th May), with outstandings increasing by USD9.75bn. In total, USD17.95bn worth of bonds settled, against USD8.20bn worth of redemptions. Upon further evaluation, EUR denominated outstandings were increased ...

gbp Mover UBS Puts 3 DCM Bankers at Risk, but Maintains Strong League Table Ranking 28 May,2015
It has been reported that UBS has put a few DCM bankers at the risk of redundancy.  Roberto Speranza, Head of FIG DCM EMEA and Italy DCM, has been put at risk of redundancy just over a year after taking ...

gbp FIG Weekly Banks Return to EUR; USD Investors Spread Across Credit Curve 27 May,2015
In the 3rd party FIG bond market last week (18th 24th May), new issuance reached a total of USD19.22bn. This is a notable 32% increase from the previous week, and is the highest weekly issuance for FIGs since mid ...

gbp Yen Pipeline Mandated: Apple JPY 5yr samurai bond 27 May,2015
Apple is planning to enter the Japanese Samurai bond market this week. 2 banks have been selected. ...

gbp Mover Simon Ball to Join Lloyds as Bank Climbs Up Insurance DCM League 27 May,2015
It has been reported that Simon Ball, Vice President of Insurance Debt Capital Markets at RBS, is soon to join Lloyds’ insurance team.  Ball joined RBS in September 2008, in the Corporate Finance team.  He moved onto the DCM team ...

gbp Corporate Weekly EUR Market Back to Life but Duration and Credit Risk Still Limited 26 May,2015
In the 3rd party corporate bond market last week (18th 24th May), new issuance reached a total of USD51.83bn. This is a notable 39% rise compared to the previous week. The number of transactions also increased by 53% to ...

gbp SSA Auction Netherlands' 5yr Yield Rises 17bps; Italian 2yr Yield Drops 26 May,2015
The Netherlands was in the auction market on Tuesday, reopening the January 2020 bond.  A total of EUR2.35bn was raised, which is in between the EUR2 3bn target.  The average yield on the bond was 0.073%. In April, this auction ...

gbp Corp Pipeline Latvenergo Adds 7th Green Bond to Pipeline 26 May,2015
At the end of last week, we reported on the growing green bond pipeline.  So far, 6 issuers have already lined up deals, and on Tuesday a 7th name was added to the list.Latvenergo AS is planning to borrow EUR100m ...

gbp Shaker Dhiren Shah, Piers Ronan Take on New DCM Responsibilites at Credit Suisse 26 May,2015
Credit Suisse has reshuffled the roles of two FIG bankers.  Dhiren Shah will now be responsible for emerging markets and corporates DCM, as well as continue to focus on the covered bond market. Piers Ronan will now add senior funding ...

gbp EQL Alert Municipality Finance Structures Global Equity Growth Deal for Uridashi Buyers 22 May,2015
Late last year in the third party structured equity linked note market, we saw a new theme developing among Japanese investors. The loose accommodative policy from the Bank of Japan boosted Japanese equities, making it more attractive to invest in ...

gbp Pipeline Alert 6 Corporate and FIG Issuers Prepare Green Bond Feast 22 May,2015
A growing number of new issuers are aiming to tap the green bond market this year, and this week the pipeline saw a flurry of new deals.   The FIG sector has been busy in particular, with Bank of America issued ...

gbp FIG Alert Banks Prints Floaters with Floor Options as 3mth Euribor Goes More Negative 22 May,2015
The 3mth Euribor rate fixed at –0.012% for the third session in a row on Thursday.  A week ago, it was –0.009%, and at the start of this month, it was –0.007%.  With the ECB announcing this week that it ...

gbp Shaker Standard Chartered Appoints Spencer Maclean as Europe DCM Head as it Ascends European League 22 May,2015
Spencer Maclean has taken on the role of Head of European Debt Capital Markets at Standard Chartered Bank, in addition to his previous role of Head of Syndicate, Western Hemisphere. He will be reporting to Aaron Russell Davison, Head of ...

gbp Corporate Issuer Spanish Airline Flies to Private Placements for 7yr and 12yr Funding 22 May,2015
 This week has brought some calm to Europe’s volatile bond market, on the back of the ECB announcing potential front loading of QE. At the same time, the more dovish than expected message also spurred appetite for riskier deals, as ...

gbp Alert News Citi Climbs Up Short Term Dealer League 22 May,2015
The Short Term Dealer league table this year has been going through some changes, as competition on the dealer side increases.  This league table looks at bonds, MTNs and CP CD instruments up to the 3 years tenors, as short ...

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