gbp Mover Natixis Set to Boost Asia Pacific League Table Ranking with New Hire Ken Liu 17 Dec,2014
Ken Liu has been hired by Natixis in the French bank’s debt origination team in Hong Kong. He will be responsible for the North Asian clients. Liu will be reporting to Peter Zhang, Asia Pacific Head of Debt Origination.  He ...

gbp SSA Auction Yields on German Schatz Remain Well in Negative Territory 10 Dec,2014
Germany allotted EUR4bn as a 2yr Schatz on Wednesday – EUR3.233bn of which in competitive auctions. The pricing came through relatively unchanged with a yield of 0.04%, once more underlining the strong demand for European core SSA paper as fears ...

gbp SSA Issuer Italy Downgraded by S&P Amidst Revised Growth Outlook 8 Dec,2014
Standard & Poors cut Italy’s long tem credit rating by one notch to BBB (stable) from BBB due to “ … average real and nominal GDP growth projections … as persistently low inflation and a difficult business environment continue to ...

gbp SSA Auction Brent Decline Pushes Demand into Norwegian Govvies 2 Dec,2014
The 6.5yrs NST474 sttracted strong demand on Tuesday following last week's OPEC decision....

gbp SSA Auction ECB Pushes Italian BTPs to Fresh Highs 27 Nov,2014
Yields on Italian 5- and 10-year BTPs hit new record lows as the ECB hints to engage on the sovereign bond market....

gbp Covered Bonds 2015 European Covered Bond Supply Forecast: Will France Dominate? 27 Nov,2014
The European covered bond market is currently experiencing further tightening, thanks to the ECB’s latest move in buying this asset class. Recent weeks have seen issuance bounce back to decent levels, although this week has been extremely muted for FIG ...

gbp SSA Auction 7-Year Notes See Yield Pick-Up on Hawkish Fed 27 Nov,2014
Following 2- and 5-year Notes earlier this week, yields on 7-year Treasuries rose on Tuesday....

gbp Corporate What are the Key Drivers of Liquidity in Secondary European Corporate Bonds? 26 Nov,2014
The ICMA has published a study on secondary market liquidity in European Corporate bonds. The unintended consequences of banking regulation and extraordinary monetary policy are seen as damaging secondary markets for European Corporate bonds. In summary, the ICMA study finds ...

gbp SSA Auction Bunds Set for New Record High This Week 21 Nov,2014
Also scheduled for the upcoming week: The US, the Netherlands, the ESM, Japan, Sweden, Canada and Italy....

gbp SSA Auction Will Spain Complete its 2014 Bond Funding Programme This Week? 17 Nov,2014
Also scheduled: Belgium, Japan, Slovakia, Denmark, Canada, France, Sweden, the UK and the US....

gbp SSA Auction Italy Completes 2014 Funding; Short to Medium Term Yields Rise 13 Nov,2014
The outcome of the ECB's Asset Quality Review is still being digested by the Italian BTP market. Ongoing doubts about the effectiveness of the ECB's policies are adding to this....

gbp League Table Update TD Securities Drives AUD Market Growth and Outpaces 2013’s Business 12 Nov,2014
New issuance in the AUD denominated bond markets has seen a slight uptick this week. Australia’s gross domestic product growth is still expected to be below trend until mid 2015, which continues to leave a very accommodative stance from the ...

gbp Fund Shaker Hanna Norström New Head of FI at Handelsbanken Asset Management 12 Nov,2014
Hanna Norström has been appointed as Head of Fixed Income at the Stockholm based Handelsbanken Asset Management.  She joined the firm in December 2007 as a Senior Economist, and became a portfolio manager in December 2011. Here, she had overseen ...

gbp Fund Mover Maximilian Biagosch to Boost UniCredit’s HY League Table Position 11 Nov,2014
Maximilian Biagosch has joined UniCredit in a newly created role as the Managing Director for the non investment grade capital markets and leveraged loan business. Biagosch will aim to expand UniCredit’s junk bond activity and syndicated loan markets activity, and ...

gbp Corporate FRNs Dominate Chevron’s 6-tranche Bond Following Hawkish FOMC 11 Nov,2014
US oil and gad giant Chevron Corporation (AA) entered the market on Monday this week, raising a massive USD4bn 6 tranche deal via BAML, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. The large sizes and multi tranches are a developing theme in ...

gbp SSA Auction Shorter Spanish Paper Faces Headwinds from Frankfurt 6 Nov,2014
The ECB's unconvincing monetary policy is weighing heavy on Spanish 3-year Bonos. Obligaciones, however, are strong following improving fundamentals from the Iberian peninsula....

gbp Fund Mover Jens Nystedt Joins Morgan Stanley IM as EM Debt MD 6 Nov,2014
Morgan Stanley Investment Management has appointed Jens Nystedt as the Managing Director of the Emerging Markets Debt team.  He will also be Head of Sovereign Research for the EM Debt team at MSIM. He will focus on local market debt ...

gbp Corporate League Table Goldman Sachs Gets Repeat Mandate for Apple as US Banks Gain in Corporate League 5 Nov,2014
The start of November has been big for corporate bond sales, with USD18.95bn issued on the first two days of the week This is a 31% increase from the same period of last week. November has however been continuing the ...

gbp SSA Auction Demand for OBLs Remains Strong as ECB Fails to Convince Markets 5 Nov,2014
The lack of the ECB's commitment towards large scale QE-style interventions keeps demand for German paper....

gbp Shaker Richard Herman Becomes Head of FIC Trading as Deutsche Bank Maintains League Table Lead 5 Nov,2014
Richard Herman, who was previously Co Head of Debt and Currency Trading at Deutsche Bank, has now been appointed as Sole Head for the entire operation. Herman is based in New York, where he moved from London in February this ...

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