Corp Alert Low oil prices putting pressure on bond issuers 6 Oct,2015
Bond issuance from companies in the Oil and Gas sector in 2015 YTD is down almost 30% for the same period in 2014....

Alert EIB have issued a total of EUR10.5bn in green bonds making them global leaders for 2015 6 Oct,2015
The EIB have now issued a total of EUR10.5bn in green bonds...

Alert News Corporate Commercial Paper outstandings grow over 2015 5 Oct,2015
Outstandings in the corporate CP market has seen steady growth over 2015 with an average monthly growth rate of 5%....

Alert Sub-investment grade bonds grow at fastest pace in 12mth because of accelerating issuance. 5 Oct,2015
Sub-investment grade bonds expand at their fastest pace in over a year....

Alert Mining Sector redemptions in focus for 2016 2 Oct,2015
Large redemptions in the Mining Sector on May16, USD6.7bn, are far higher than the monthly average. ...

Flow Corp Yearly Tobacco industry Bond Financing increases in last two quarters to USD95bn 2 Oct,2015
Imperial Tobacco Finance PLC has most outstanding but BAT International Finance PLC is the most regular issuer ...

Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings decreased by USD869m in Latest Week 1 Oct,2015
Financial outstandings decline for eight straight weeks ...

Alert Could ABS vehicle finance entities be in trouble? 1 Oct,2015
ABS vehicle finance globally has risen 4.5% over the last year....

Alert Green bonds grow in Asia 1 Oct,2015
2015 has seen a growth in Green Bond issuance from developing countries with inaugural issuances from India, Brazil and China....

Issuer Alert Arabella Finance Dublin is the main trade receivable issuer 1 Oct,2015
Specialist trade receivables entities dominate this area...

Flow Corp Yearly Chemicals industry Bond Financing grows to USD126bn 30 Sep,2015
Lowest since 2008, Monsanto and Eastman Chemical stop issuing, Akzo Nobel and Dow continue to print...

Alert How will RBI repo rate cut impact INR Issuance? 29 Sep,2015
Corporate and Bank outstandings in INR are only marginally up year over year, meanwhile Government outstandings surge 48.14% year over year....

LIBOR Reform Should LIBOR Continue Using Expert Judgement? 29 Sep,2015
Is Expert Judgement allowed when the submission would otherwise be unrepresentative of the market or the bank’s funding cost?...

Alert The change in corporate outstandings in a ZIRP environment 25 Sep,2015
Demand for AA+ corporate bonds are significantly preferable to investors than any other corporate security in a ZIRP environment....

Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings increased by USD3bn in Latest Week 24 Sep,2015
Financial outstandings decline for seven straight weeks...

Alert CLOs rise in Europe as policy makers set to limit excessive risk-taking 24 Sep,2015
A rise in ABS - CLO funding may cause European policy makers to close existing CLO loophole...

LIBOR Reform What Rate to Submit to LIBOR when there has been no Funding? 24 Sep,2015
ICE proposes that Submitters can use a limited history of trades with both interpolation and extrapolation techniques....

Alert News PBOC to issue in London 24 Sep,2015
The People’s Bank of China (POBC) plans to issue short-term debt in London, the first time is has done so abroad....

Alert News Banking sector drives down CP outstandings 24 Sep,2015
The banking sector has been a key driver in pushing down the aggregate level of outstandings over the last twelve months....

Corp Issuer Debt insurance cost for VW rises 24 Sep,2015
Debt insurance now costs 223bps...

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