Flow Weekly Bank Euro Commercial Paper increases USD13.9bn whilst US Commercial Paper decrease by USD3.6bn 26 May,2016
In 3 weeks ECP have increased USD30.4bn ...

Viewpoint USD LIBOR Replacements 25 May,2016
OBFR and ON US Treasuries...

Flow Weekly Bank Euro Commercial Paper increases USD2.9bn whilst Foreign Bank US Commercial Paper decrease by USD3.2bn 19 May,2016
ECP increases by USD4.1bn due to the Bank and Corporate Sectors....

Flow Weekly Euro and US Commercial Paper Markets reverse previous week loss 12 May,2016
Coporate ECP increases again, this time by USD1.1 billion to USD105.2 billion....

Alert News AFMA to give up BBSW 11 May,2016
What happens next?...

Flow Weekly Euro and US Commercial Paper Market drop USD23.6bn week ending 4th May 9 May,2016
In USCP Financials drop USD15bn. In ECP Financiald drop USD4.8bn whilst Governments drop USD8bn...

From the Editor CMDportal launches first global platform for USD4.8 trillion private placement bond market. 29 Apr,2016
This system is the first of its kind and is aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency for SSA, FIG, Corporate and Asset Backed borrowers and dealers globally. ...

Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper Market drops USD1.7bn whilst US Commercial Paper continues increase by USD8.6bn 28 Apr,2016
ECP Banks drop USD5.5bn whilst USCP Banks increase by USD7bn...

Alert European Parlaiment passes law on EURIBOR and LIBOR 28 Apr,2016
Becomes law after EU Official Journal publication...

Alert News Join the CMD, IMMFA, Federated, Royal Mail, GS, Deutsche at the European Money Fund Forum 2016 25 Apr,2016
London 28-29 June 2016 - Free for Corporates and Investors! FCFS - Limited places...

Quarterly Flow Sukuk Bonds Take Record Share of 1Q16 Issuance 22 Apr,2016
What are the expectations for Q2-4?...

Flow Weekly ECP and US CP jump by USD48bn in total 21 Apr,2016
ECP jumps by USD16.4bn whilst USCP jumps by 31.5bn ...

CP Programme Alert Launched Spanish Construction company's Euro Commercial Paper Programme 21 Apr,2016
There is a limit of EUR300m for outstanding issues...

From the Editor JPM adds another 30 3rd party private placements since 1st of April. 20 Apr,2016
In JPY it is all EQL and FXL....

From the Editor Corporate Green Bond Issuance to Triple during 2016 18 Apr,2016
Predicted to be a USD28-30bn market this year...

Flow Weekly ECP decreases by USD8.2bn whilst US CP increases by USD13.8bn over the last week. 14 Apr,2016
In USCP Foreign Banks increased by USD6.8 billion...

Flow Weekly ECP increases by USD4.8bn whilst US CP decreases by USD5.4bn over the last week. 7 Apr,2016
US ABCP continues to grow....

Flow Weekly ECP decreases by USD5.3bn whilst US CP decreases by USD11.5bn over the last week. 1 Apr,2016
ABCP increases on both sides of the Atlantic...

Flow Weekly News Release: ECP increases by USD1.3bn whilst US CP decreases by 3.7bn over the last week 24 Mar,2016
Foreign Banks decrease USCP by USD4.3 billion, whilst Domestic Banks increase USCP by USD6.4 billion ...

From the Editor Cryptocurrency for Central Banks? 23 Mar,2016
BoE Broadbent does not expect bitcoins will become an alternative unit of measure....

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