gbp Money Fund EU lawmakers Ditch Capital Buffer; CNAV to be phased out in 5 years 27 Feb,2015
The European Parliament's Economic Affairs committee yesterday voted to ditch the capital buffer requirement for European Money Market Funds. Many had argued that this would kill the industry and so this is GOOD NEWS Europe's money market funds, as a ...

gbp From the Editor EUR Flow Takes More Than 60% of the Market 25 Feb,2015
Overall bond issuance remained stable at USD11.9bn on Tuesday. Approx. 11% of the supply volume was carrying a non vanilla structure. In terms of currencies, EUR was dominating the market on approx. 60% market share followed by USD on approx. ...

gbp From the Editor USD Issuance on 53% as At&T Priced USD2.5bn Dual Tranche 24 Feb,2015
On Monday total bond issuance reach approx. USD9.8bn, down from USD12.7bn on Friday. This comes on the back of relatively low EUR issuance whilst USD denominated tickets reached approx. 53% of the market. Non vanilla trades reached approx. 9% of ...

gbp SSA 25 investors Buy World Bank's Largest USD Green Bond 23 Feb,2015
The bonds were placed with 25 investors including AP2, AP4, Blackrock, Deutsche Bank Treasury, Mirova, Nikko Asset Management, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Praxis Intermediate Income Fund, United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund and Zuercher Kantonalbank...

gbp Covered Bonds ECB Continues to add EUR3bn of Covered Bonds 18 Feb,2015
In addition they continue to buy EUR100m-200m of ABS per Week. ...

gbp Viewpoint European Commission consults on Capital Markets Union. 18 Feb,2015
Despite everything the European Union has done in terms of financial services, we can not conclude that we have a true single market. Most Money Markets, Bond Markets and markets for all sorts of different financial debt products remain rather localised....

gbp Viewpoint Will the BoE come under pressure to hike rates in 2015? 18 Feb,2015
With UK wages rising more than expected (2.1% vs consensus 1.7%) and UK unemployment falling harder than expected (to 5.68%. from 5.98%)  expectations are rising for the BoE to raise rates later this year....

gbp Alert News EU Expects Final Agreement on Benchmarks by Summer 2015 13 Feb,2015
In a Press Release on the 13 th  of February,  the European Council announced to have agreed on a negotiating mandate towards an agreement with the European Parliament on their September 2013 proposal to regulate benchmarks. ...

gbp SSA Auction SSA Auction supply drops by EUR4.2bn 13 Feb,2015
Gross EGB supply is calculated to fall to EUR19bn the week starting 16th of February, down from EUR 23.2bn the previous week....

gbp Corporate Weekly Is the HY USD Market Back in Full Swing? 13 Feb,2015
If we are to believe research provided by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the answer is yes! ECB QE is resulting in some apparent "euphoric sentiment", at least that is how BAML describes it, with all asset classes seeing significant inflows over the past week and in particular high yield....

gbp Corp Pipeline Paladin Energy rolls 2015 Convertible into 2020 13 Feb,2015
Paladin Energy is in the market for USD100m of 5 year convertible bonds. Proceeds will be used to complete the tender to buy outstanding USD300m convertible bonds due November 2015. The latter where issued by the company on 4 November ...

gbp Shaker Ackerman and Frontini take on Deutsche's CMTS Origination 12 Feb,2015
Deutsche's Capital Markets and Treasury Solutions (CMTS) has a new team running origination for Western Europe.   Managing Directors Niels Ackerman, until now in charge of Benelux and Nordics and Head of Institutional Clients and Lorenzo Frontini, Deutsche's Head of ...

gbp Awards 2015 KfW Wins Best Overall Issuer Award 12 Feb,2015
  KfW Wins Best Overall Issuer Award    CMDportal, the 18,000+ user collaborative bond and money market fixed income portal, is pleased to announce the winners in the Issuer category.    Best Overall Issuer KfW  Runner Up EIB   Best Green Bond ...

gbp Yearly FXL Flow USB FX Linked franchise continues to suffer; JPY FXL YOY up 3% 12 Feb,2015
The FX Linked product market has not been doing well, shrinking by more than 50% over the last couple of years in the US and elsewhere.   USB has a large franchise, but the bank is suffering on more than ...

gbp Alert News Sweden cuts repo to negative 12 Feb,2015
In an effort to fight deflation, Sweden has cut its main repo rate into negative. They are the first central bank to do this. Their move follows Switzerland, ECB and Denmark.   The main repo rate was cut by 10bps ...

gbp Mover Smit Acharya joins Santander as Head of MTNs 12 Feb,2015
  Smit Acharya has joined Santander as Head of MTN, running the desk in London and apparently taking over from Wafi Saleh. He will be working closely with Rodrigo Calvin Garcia, Santander’s MTN trader for 8 years based in Madrid. ...

gbp Money Fund Is Real Estate the next big thing in Euro Commercial Paper? 11 Feb,2015
  Propertize, Befimmo, Corio, Confinimmo, these are names that spring to mind when we think about Real Estate borrowers in the ECP market. Their outstanding are not massive but growing. In fact for the Real Estate industry as a whole, ...

gbp From the Editor Will we see a EUR2.3trillion Pan-European Private Placement Market? 11 Feb,2015
Judging by the effort that is being made by the Pan European Private Placement Working Group (PEPP Working Group) the answer clearly is yes   The group has launched the Pan European Corporate Private Placement Market Guide. The Guide sets ...

gbp Awards 2015 Citi Pockets Private Placements Award 11 Feb,2015
On the private placement dealer league table, JP Morgan was again on top with over USD19.7bn of volumes. In pushed HSBC to 2nd place, which was 2013’s lead. Also climbing up the 2014 private placement league tables were Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Credit Agricole CIB and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International....

gbp Awards 2015 RBS Wins Best Overall ECP Dealer Award 11 Feb,2015
RBS Wins Best Overall ECP Dealer AwardCMDportal, the 18,000+ user collaborative bond and money market fixed income portal, is pleased to announce the winners in the Money Market Dealer category.Best Overall Euro Commercial Paper Dealer Royal Bank of ScotlandRunner Up ...

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7 30,408 182
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