gbp Mover Alex Von Sponeck Exits BAML as Head of Financing Origination CEEMEA, Following Cavanagh's Departure 31 Mar,2015
Alex von Sponeck is reportedly leaving his position as BAML’s Managing Director and Head of Financing Origination for the CEEMEA region. His first stint at the bank was from 2003 to 2008. Von Sponeck rejoined BAML in 2012 after four ...

gbp Mover Morgan Stanley Appoints Piers Harris as Head of European FICM Corporates; Bank Climbs Up League YoY 31 Mar,2015
Piers Harris replaces Marcus Hiseman as Morgan Stanley's Head of European FICM for Corporates. Hiseman left the bank for BAML, where he was appointed as the new Head of Corporate DCM and Corporate Fixed Income Solutions for the EMEA region. ...

gbp SSA League Table Hong Kong Picks Sukuk Syndicate from Top Ten SSA Sukuk League 31 Mar,2015
Hong Kong is planning to return to the Sukuk market this year.  Following its debut deal, the sovereign has picked HSBC and Standard Chartered (SCB) as Global Co ordinators and Joint Bookrunners, and CIMB and National Bank of Abu Dhabi ...

gbp Mover BAML Climbs EMEA League Despite John Cavanagh's Departure as Head of DCM 30 Mar,2015
John Cavanagh has left his position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, where he was Head of DCM Product Solutions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.Cavanagh joined Merrill Lynch in 2007 as Head of Liability Management. ...

gbp CML Alert League Table: Goldman Sachs Climbs Up League and Tops Revenue Ranking 30 Mar,2015
A consultancy, Coalition, reported on Friday that Goldman Sachs became the top commodities bank in 2014.  It overtook JP Morgan as it had the largest commodity revenues. Goldman Sachs remains in the commodities markets while other banks have exited.  The ...

gbp Corporate Slowdown in Loan-to-Bond Refinancings Unlikely to Harm European HY Bonds 30 Mar,2015
The ECB’s QE programme has helped the European High Yield (HY) market stay in good shape this year.  European corporate HY and unrated bond issuance so far this year has reached a total of USD54.9bn, which is quite stable compared ...

gbp Viewpoint Revised Green Bond Principles - Will Pushing Transparency Harm the Market? 30 Mar,2015
The Executive Committee of the Green Bond Principles, with the support of the International Capital Market Association, has published a second edition of the Green Bond Principles. This was presented at the GBP AGM in London on Friday 27th March.Among ...

gbp Shaker Citi Appoints Samad Sirohey as Head of DCM for EEMEA; Bank Remains in Top 3 27 Mar,2015
Citigroup has appointed Samad Sirohey as the new Head of Debt Capital Markets for Emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA DCM). Sirohey replaces William Weaver, and will return to London from Dubai to continue his decorated experience at ...

gbp Corporate League Table HSBC and Citi Climb Up Corporate Hybrid League Table 26 Mar,2015
Air France KLM's latest deal on Wednesday boosted the corporate hybrid market.  And more issuers are lining up in the pipeline, as demand for yield and supply build's further in the ECB's QE environment.  Below are the biggest corporate hybrid ...

gbp Viewpoint S&P: Will China Drive Corporate Green Bonds to USD30bn This Year? 26 Mar,2015
 This week S&P predicted that corporates could raise around USD30bn worth of green bonds this year. The agency stated that in 2014, corporates produced USD19.1bn of green bonds – so what would be driving this more than doubling of issuance?We ...

gbp Corporate League Table Barclays Takes the Lead in Corporate Private Placement Market 25 Mar,2015
Auto industry related entities are dominating the private placement (USD250m size and below) market this year.  The top 3 issuers are shown below     Corporate Private Placement League Table Issuer 01 01 2015 25 03 2015 Rank Name US$m ...

gbp FIG Weekly USD Market Decreases FIG Bond Outstandings in Another Week 25 Mar,2015
In the 3rd party FIG bond market last week (16th 22nd March), new issuance reached a total of USD7.95bn. This marks a large 70% increase in activity when compared to the previous week, and is the lowest activity in ...

gbp Corporate Weekly Hybrid Bonds Emerge in Corporate Market as Outstandings Grow USD37bn 24 Mar,2015
In the 3rd party corporate bond market last week (16th 22nd March), new issuance reached a total of USD25.60bn. This is a 59% decrease compared to the previous week, and is the second straight week of declines. Click here ...

gbp Mover Wells Fargo Appoints Darin Deschamps and Sandra Taube Godard as Co-Heads of Capital Markets Canada 24 Mar,2015
Wells Fargo and Co has appointed Darin Deschamps and Sandra Taube Godard as Co Heads of Capital Markets in Toronto, Canada. Deschamps was previously the Deputy Head of Investment Banking, and was responsible for FIG coverage for National Bank Financial, ...

gbp Alert S&P: Plunging ABS Leads 19.9% Drop in Japan's Securitization Market 24 Mar,2015
According to research from ratings agency S&P, “total rated new issuance in Japan's securitization market declined 19.9% y y to JPY1.66trn in 2014. Rated new issuance in the RMBS segment, which constitutes the largest asset class of Japan's securitization market, ...

gbp From the Editor KPMG Pushes for Green Bond Standards with ‘Gearing up for green bonds’ Report 23 Mar,2015
The fast growing green bond market has called out for standards, and KPMG is the latest institution to bring some clarity to the product with its guide for green bond issuers. Improving education and understanding of green bonds will allow ...

gbp Mover NBB Hires Regis Lanove as Portfolio Manager in ABS and Covered Bonds 20 Mar,2015
Regis Lanove joined the National Bank of Belgium this year, as a Portfolio Manager in the Monetary Policy department.  He will be working on the implementation and execution of the ABS and Covered Bond purchase plans. Prior to this, Lanove ...

gbp Corporate Focus on Returns Sees HY Market Recover on Both Sides of the Pond 19 Mar,2015
Earlier this month, we discussed a recent Fitch report which warned investors in the European high yield (HY) bond market against the increasing divergences between the US, UK, and continental European HY bond markets. But despite the warnings of a ...

gbp Shaker Barclays Appoints Miray Muminoglu as Head of Long-Term Unsecured Funding and Capital Issuance 19 Mar,2015
Miray Muminoglu has been appointed as the Head of Long Term Unsecured Funding and Capital Issuance at Barclays. Muminoglu will take up this role in the bank’s treasury capital markets execution team in April. Muminoglu is currently a Director on ...

gbp FIG Weekly European Banks Dominate Both EUR and USD Markets 18 Mar,2015
In the 3rd party FIG bond market last week (9th 15th March), new issuance reached a total of USD25.73bn. This marks a 48% increase in activity when compared to the previous week.  In the previous week, issuance dropped from ...

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