gbp Corporate Weekly European Corporates Play it Safe with No-Grow Bonds 22 Oct,2014
Global corporate bond issuance so far this week totals over USD5.6bn, across the major currency markets. Last week’s volatility in the European market seems to have seeped into that start of this week, keeping issuers at bay. Monday started off ...

gbp SSA Auction German Bund Rally Reaches the Ultra-Long End 22 Oct,2014
Political risk factors and economic market fundamentals have pushed demand into 30-year Bunds leading to an overall flattening of the German yield curve....

gbp SSA Auction Gilts Rally on Global Growth Fears 22 Oct,2014
The current rally on the UK Gilt market shows that despite a good economic development, the UK isn't sealed off from the rest of the world....

gbp FIG Alert Citi Adds to Doubling of US Bank Issuance in EUR Market 21 Oct,2014
US banks are leading global FIG market activity this week. On Monday, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America issued senior and Tier 1 paper in the USD denominated sector, taking the day’s issuance to USD6.2bn And in the ...

gbp Shaker Alaoui Zenere Hire Set to Boost JP Morgan’s FIG Dealer Ranking 21 Oct,2014
Last we reported on the DCM reshuffle at JP Morgan. The US bank brought together debt syndicate teams into one single team, which is called the Global Syndicate. This will be run by Global Co Heads Bob LoBue and Ryan ...

gbp SSA Issuer Moody's Downgrades Russia 20 Oct,2014
Following the latest rounds of sanctions imposed against Russia and a decrease in its ability to compensate for this, Russian credit is getting a downgrade....

gbp SSA Issuer Moody's Changes Outlook for Egypt from Negative to Stable 20 Oct,2014
Amidst a stabilising political situation, Moody's approved Egypt's credit rating - an opportunity for the sovereign to probe international bond markets again might follow....

gbp Covered Bonds ECB Buys Short-Dated French CBs – Is This Start Enough? 20 Oct,2014
The ECB stated that it will start buying covered bonds through CBPP3 this week. Today, it has been reported that the central bank bought French covered bonds, on the shorter end of the secondary market. No amount was specified, but ...

gbp SSA Auction Scandinavia Leads European Auctions This Week 20 Oct,2014
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Finland the US, Italy, Japan and Slovakia are scheduled for this week....

gbp FIG Yearly Turkish FIGs Continue to Increase PP Funding; Finansbank Returns to USD 17 Oct,2014
Global growth fears and Ebola concerns have put a lid on new issuance in the primary bond syndicated market this week. The majority of deals coming through have been biased towards the SSA sector, where safe haven supply has been ...

gbp SSA Auction Spanish Bonds Rebound on Euro Growth Fears 16 Oct,2014
The Euro Area is heading towards a new shake-up - Euro periphery bonds are suffering from this....

gbp SSA Auction German Schatz Stops Rally on ECB Dissappointment 15 Oct,2014
Uncertainty on the size of the ECB's upcoming ABS and covered bond purchases is putting a break on the performance of the short dated EGB market....

gbp Bond Fund New ETF Tracking the Global Convertible Bond Market 15 Oct,2014
The SPDR Thomson Reuters Global Convertible Bond UCITS ETF is now launched on the Xetra.  This is the first time that the ETF tracks the global market for convertible bonds. According to Deutsche Boerse, “The SPDR Thomson Reuters Global Convertible ...

gbp SSA Auction German ILBs Remain Strong But Not Overwhelming 14 Oct,2014
The ILB rally has slowed down notably as threats to Euro inflation puts a break on inflation-linked demand....

gbp SSA Auction Dutch 3yr DSL Remain Unimpressed by ECB Policy 14 Oct,2014
The April 2017 DSL priced fairly unchanged from its last tap in June - an indication on how little the effect of policy announcements regarding asset purchases was for Dutch paper....

gbp Corporate Yearly Shaky Q3 Start, but European HY Remains on Track for a Stellar Year 14 Oct,2014
The European high yield bond market has been suffering in recent weeks. Demand has been falling on the back of a risk in appetite for safer assets, as global geopolitical risks currently drive the market sentiment. Fund flows in European ...

gbp Bond Fund TwentyFour Asset Management Set to Launch Smaller Sterling Corporate Bond Fund 13 Oct,2014
TwentyFour Asset Management is planning to launch a new corporate bond fund.  The fund will be run by Chris Bowie, who joined the firm in August from Ignis. The new fund, call the TwentyFour Sterling Corporate Bond, will launch in ...

gbp SSA Auction Yield on 30Y BTP Drops 39bps in Italian Bond Auctions 13 Oct,2014
The outcome of last Thursday's confidence vote gives a major push to BTPs as markets gain confidence in Renzi's ability to reform Italian labour markets....

gbp FIG League Table BNP Paribas Leads Covered Bond League with +USD10bn of Business 13 Oct,2014
In Q3, global covered bond issuance totalled USD61bn. This compares to a higher USD73.5bn issued in Q3 2013. The declining trend in issuance has persisted throughout the year in the first three quarters of 2014, global covered bond issuance totals ...

gbp FIG Alert FRN Investors Consider Longer Tenors; Credit Suisse Extends to 5yrs 10 Oct,2014
Rationale Floating rate issuance has surprised to the upside in 2014. Typically, new activity trends with an increase in rates, but in the EUR denominated bond market especially, this year has seen rates move even lower. And with the ECB ...

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All Issuance Dealer 01/01/2014 - 23/10/2014
Rank Name US$m Trades
1 16,689 438
2 15,355 339
3 12,267 246
4 10,971 149
5 8,012 225
6 6,600 118
7 5,729 196
8 5,343 59
9 5,128 79
10 4,753 126
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1 6,474 109
2 6,299 115
3 5,905 244
4 5,032 181
5 4,297 144
6 3,987 286
7 3,468 47
8 3,442 111
9 3,309 28
10 3,124 27
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1 173,008 804
2 172,479 871
3 148,892 650
4 148,846 749
5 145,392 709
6 130,243 687
7 125,786 483
8 111,764 502
9 96,816 457
10 85,168 468
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1 60,435 85
2 53,792 34
3 44,948 8
4 40,351 5
5 24,592 22
6 23,492 7
7 19,776 13
8 17,608 4
9 17,444 3
10 17,037 3
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