Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings increase by USD10.9bn in Latest Week 26 Nov,2015
Government and financial sectors lead the increase in outstandings....

Alert Over USD6.3bn of Bonds and CP Affected by Abengoa 26 Nov,2015
How has and will this affect the market?...

From the Editor Driver UK Master 8.5yr GBP2.9bn bond the largest auto loan, Vodafone pulls its issue. 25 Nov,2015
Big day for auto loan bonds. ...

Corp Alert Slowing in the Telecommunication Sector 25 Nov,2015
Hawaiian Telecom Communications pulls deal....

SSA Alert Banks forced to sell EUR1.1trillion of EU Govvies 25 Nov,2015
New plans from the European Commission...

Corp Alert Could Pfizer’s takeover of Allergan push Q4 Pharmaceutical sector net issuance up to the level of Q3? 23 Nov,2015
Pharmaceutical net issuance in Q4 currently far below previous four quarters...

Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings decrease by USD5.4bn in Latest Week 19 Nov,2015
Government sector responsible for decrease in outstandings with fourth consecutive weekly decrease...

Alert Sukuk Bonds Outstanding Grow Over 74% in 2015 19 Nov,2015
Indonesia, the largest Sukuk issuer globally thus far year, has appointed HSBC, Citigroup, CIMB, Bank of America Merrill Lynch as bookrunners for a new USD benchmark deal for up to USD4.0bn....

Alert News Vodafone top corporate CP issuer for the week 19 Nov,2015
In the week to the 17th of November, Vodafone has been the top issuer of CP in the corporate sector followed by Merck Financial Services and Procter and Gamble. Vodafone has also seen the strong growth in CP outstandings....

Alert A Paris climate change deal a big boast to 2016 Green Bond prospects? 18 Nov,2015
Green bond issuance has seen a strong and record finish to 2015. However if a climate change deal is secured in Paris the 2016 green bond issuance may again eclipse issuance in the previous year....

Alert The Energy, Oil and Gas sectors saw a Tremendous Contraction of 80% in Q3 Issuance 18 Nov,2015
Issuance in the Energy, Oil and Gas sectors in Q3 of 2015 has taken a huge contraction over the prior quarter, and 80% lower than Q3-2014...

From the Editor Is there a future for the Repo Market? 18 Nov,2015
Four conclusions from a recent study. ...

Alert RBS’s Rapidly Contracting Outstandings Could Fall Further with a New Senior Bond Buyback 18 Nov,2015
This week RBS announced that it was going to buy up to GBP4.5bn in senior bonds above their current trading price...

Alert News LMA SA top CP issuer in November. Vodafone with the largest outstandings growth in the corporate sector. 17 Nov,2015
CP, CD & Bill November issuance update: LMA SA has been the top issuer of CP in November to date. In terms of increases in outstandings; Vodafone has seen the largest increase in the corporate sector, China Development Bank in FIG and Belgium in SSA....

Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper outstandings decrease by USD5.6bn in latest week 13 Nov,2015
Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings decrease by USD5.6bn in latest week...

SSA Alert KFW completes green bond issuance for the year 12 Nov,2015
KfW has issued a USD1bn green bond bringing KfW’s total number of green bond issued in 2015 to four....

From the Editor ECB buys more bonds, but will it continue? 12 Nov,2015
How much did the ECB buy?  In the first week of November, the ECB bought EUR12.9bn of government bonds, compared with EUR10.6bn in the previous week. A substantial increase.   Why has the ECB bought more?  Since the start of ...

SSA Alert Saudi Arabia turns to bond markets to meet budget deficit 11 Nov,2015
The steep decline in oil prices has caused Saudi Arabia to search for new ways to cover its public finance deficit....

Alert Emirates Airline Plan to Raise USD1.0bn in Bond Sale For 2016 9 Nov,2015
Issuance out of the United Arab Emirates is predominantly denominated in USD, accounting for 76.2% of the total outstanding debt...

Flow Weekly Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings decrease by USD2.1bn in Latest Week 6 Nov,2015
The amount of outstanding Euro commercial paper (CP) and certificates of deposit (CD) decreased in the week ending November 4th, according to CMDportal data....

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