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Latvia prices EUR Zero Coupon syndicated Euro market bond.

80% of ESG data providers possibly an US/UK oligopoly

FCA and BoE encourage market participants switch to SOFR for USD IR Swap from 26 .7

Akropolis refinances Loans with 5yr Eurobond

What skills does a Debt IR Professional need?

Ghelamco Invest NV prices EUR syndicated Mussel market bond.

Goldman Sachs prices RON Fixed Rate Bond private placement

JP Morgan prices EUR Fixed Rate -Callable private placement

IBRD prices KZT Fixed Rate Bond

Sunnova Prices Securitization of Residential Solar and Battery Systems

Kensington UK RMBS Green Bond Securitisation First

The Changing Face of the Euro Supra Bond Market

What to expect at the June Federal Reserve meeting

Banco Santander Chile goes Swiss for 6 years

BMW and HSBC achieve first with dual tranche syndicated Panda

EDC prices CNY Fixed Rate private placement

Belgium prices USD 50-yr Fixed Rate Rule 144A private placement

Goldman prices another USD Zero Coupon Certificate of Deposit

Kommunalbanken taps GBP Fixed Rate bond above par

Banca MdP prices EUR Floating Rate-Callable Extendible Covered Bond

DAPO prices EUR Floating Rate Mortgage Pfandbriefe

14.483% on JP Morgan Credit Linked (Sovereign) private placement

Goldman Sachs Group prices USD Zero Coupon-Callable private placement

EIB prices 4.1yr EUR Fixed Rate Euro private placement

Niedersachsen taps EUR 7.7yr bond

ESG CLOs: The opportunities and challenges

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