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Latvia adds 3rd tap to 10 year

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc prices multi tranche USD Fixed to Floating syndicated Yankee market bond.

Goldman Sachs IB [London] prices EUR Zero Coupon self led private placement

Latvia prices EUR Zero Coupon syndicated Euro market bond.

European Yields Are Turning Positive

Georgia working on covered bond law

MSME prices ESG USD Seylan Bank CRL private placement at 6mth USL+450bps

ICMA’s Asset Management and Investors Council lobbies for no change to EU MMF regulations.

Rockwool links new EUR600m credit facility to sustainability goals

Non-public debt EU MMFs must be reregulated to allow for greater shock absorption capacity

Banco BPM prices EUR Fixed Rate-Callable Subordinated Tier 2 bond

SES S.A. taps EUR Fixed Rate-Callable syndicated Euro market bond.

HSBC Bank prices GHS - SSA Credit Linked private placement at 17.6%

How to measure the performance of the Debt IR Professional?

How did euro area bank lending and money supply evolve in May?

European FIGs in the post-COVID-19 world

EU to launch its second NGEU deal

Rentenbank prices EUR Dark Green Rated Bond

Ambac refinance Ambac LSNI Senior Bond with Sitka

25bps tighter + EUR1.15bn excess CORP 11yr A- demand for Generali catastrophe bond

Municipality Finance multi tranche JPY Uridashi Equity Index linkers

What’s next for science-based targets and sustainability-linked bonds?

NORDEN prices 3yr LIBOR-linked Eurobond

IDB promotes Green Bond Transparency in Latin America and the Caribbean

How to Structure Debt Investor Relations reporting lines?

CIBC [Toronto] prices EUR Fixed Rate private placement bond

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