The Capital Market Transparency Foundation.

no sustainability without transparency

Transparency in Debt Capital Markets is a public interest;
… the financial system affects us all.
… the majority of issuers in DCM are in the public domain.
… robust capital markets require transparency to service fair valuation.
… fair valuation stands at the cradle of liquidity.
… Quantitative Easing and Fiscal Policy are less effective when capital markets are not transparent.

The Capital Market Transparency Foundation (CMTF) is an independent global not for profit foundation that serves the public interest of transparency in capital markets globally. The Foundation does this by establishing and revising the Capital Market Transparency Convention and the Centralised and Harmonised Transparency Template. It further promotes transparency of Capital Markets globally by:

* promoting harmonised emerging standards and taxonomy in bond and money markets
* publishing transparency labels and a
* regular State of Transparency in global Capital Markets report.

For further information please contact:

Pieter van Dyck
+44 0203 096 5203