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The Collaborative Market Data Network
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The Collaborative
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CMDPortal?

CMDPortal is an independent Collaborative Market Data network for bond and money market professionals. We provide access to a robust dataset, flexible data analysis tools and insightful research on fixed income products. Our services are available to buy and sell side professionals; institutional asset managers, issuers and intermediaries.

2. Who can access CMDPortal?

To ensure a meaningful collaboration, only accredited institutional bond and money market professionals are able to access CMDportal. If you are the issuer, a dealer, a syndicate manager, an institutional sales professional, an originator or a fixed income asset manager or trader, then you will be able to automatically access CMDportal upon registration. If that is not the case but you feel you fall within the above description, then please contact analysts[at]

3. What type of data can I get from CMD Portal?

We run coverage on a broad suite of fixed income products – Syndicated & Private Placement Bond Issues, Euro Commercial Paper, Structured Notes, Schuldschein, Green Bonds, etc. Our networked securities database offers real-time insights, containing over 15 million unique securities. Our ISIN x ISIN model allows users to drill down to analyse details on individual instruments.

4. I need the big picture. What else do you have?

Our regular reports are tailored to subscribers based on their preferences. Access monthly insights on the market segment that matters to you. Subscribers can use our expansive database to create their own customised reports. Just talk to us at with any interest you may have. We will be sure to provide the right solution.

5. What data tools do you offer?

Data Sheet: create time series and download data reports using customised filters.

New Issue Viewer: track market developments in real time and utilise the pricing matrix to compare new issues done.

Fund Holdings: We aggregate portfolio holdings on an ISIN x ISIN basis from nearly 400 funds.

6. How is your data sourced?

Our data network operates on a collaborative basis. We operate a network of over 23,000 issuers, dealers, and investors that provide us with daily updates.

7. What is your Indication of Interest (IOI) platform?

The Indications of Interest (IOI) platform is a centralised location for posting and viewing the credit profile, outstanding instruments, programme documentation and funding objectives of over 4,000 issuers. Using this simple tool, issuers communicate their funding needs to dealers. Issuers control the audience – only their selected dealers can view the information. 

8. What type of research does CMD Portal provide?

As a collaborative network, we encourage contributions from central banks, regulators, investment banks, asset managers, and issuers. Our collaborative daily email contains insights on published research, fixed income flow, and programme updates. Subscribing clients also have access to our team of Analysts to conduct research using the unique CMD global centralised securities database.

9. Are all comments and contributions personal?

Yes, CMDPortal runs on the principle that all comments and contributions on CMD Portal are to be understood as representing the author’s personal point of view, and do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation he or she works for.