The Collaborative Market Data Network -
serving the Public interest of Transparency in Debt Capital Markets
The Collaborative Market Data Network
Serving Transparency in Capital Markets
The Collaborative
Market Data Network


CMD originally started in 2000 as Debt Capital Market research company, focused on private placements, in particular structured notes and money markets. As part of our research, we collected data. As we collected more and more data, we realised how fragmented data sets are and saw the need for a centralised global networked securities database. With growing structured data needs, we see a real opportunity to make a difference. With the help of our member/users, we are not only on a journey to develop a global centralised securities database of all bond and money market instruments but also a unique global DCM network.

An important part of our work today is about pointing out fragmentation and differences in aggregated bond and money market data. 


Our mission is to create a single global centralised and harmonised securities database so we can all agree on the size and composition of debt markets and changes therein globally. 


Our vision is to realise a global centralised securities database through a collaborative network of issuers, dealers, investors, central banks, regulators and partners.


We believe that transparency in Capital Markets is essential for these markets to benefit mankind and essential to enable investors, issuers, dealers and regulators to make good decisions and take the right action to build a more stable and more sustainable global financial system.

Greater transparency has many aspects; it brings; more stability of the financial system, more democracy, more liquidity, more product, diversification, more standardisation, more commoditisation, more frontier financing, more direct and indirect development financing, more micro finance, more SME financing and more retail investors in bonds.


We aggregate, validate and reconcile bond and money market data to achieve high quality ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) and LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) Reference Data for market participants. We run the largest global bond and money market ISIN by ISIN debt instrument database database in the world. 


We not only have developed an easy access to a comprehensive global Centralised and Harmonised Securities Database but also a system and network that make these markets more transparent.

To ensure a meaningful collaboration, only accredited institutional bond and money market professionals are able to access CMDportal. If you are the issuer, a dealer, a syndicate manager, an institutional sales professional, an originator or a fixed income asset manager or trader, then you will be able to automatically access CMDportal upon registration. If that is not the case but you feel you fall within the above description, then please contact analysts[at]


With our user members we create a daily, weekly and monthly Newsletter with key developments in Debt Capital Markets globally. Naturally we have a high focus on deal flow, monetary and regulatory initiatives and actions that affect bond and money markets globally. 


All of our products are encrypted and hosted in a secure environment. They can be deployed as a standalone solution or be fully integrated into your core architecture. Cloud deployment ensures fast implementation with minimum cost, on-going support and upgrades. In addition, all of the data centers we use are secure and are ISO standards 27001 and 9001 compliant.

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