About Us

What is CMDportal?

We serve the public interest of transparency in Debt Capital Markets. 

We are a Bond and Money Market Instrument Database: We match, clear, validate and reconcile bond and money market data to achieve high quality ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) and LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) Reference Data for market participants. Our database measures over 5.2m debt instruments from over 300,000 issuers. 

We provide a daily Newsletter with key announcements in Debt Capital Markets Globally. 

We match ISINs with LEIs: We have matched 28 million International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN) to Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

We match Issuers with Dealers: In April 2016, the company announced the launch of an Indications of Interest system for bond market private placements.

Why collaborate on Reference Data?

Managing ISIN and LEI Reference Data is a humongous task that is impossible to do without massive resources. It is NOT a problem that can be tackled simply just by having good technology. Preparing reference data for downstream consumption is a complex matter with unpredictable outcomes and costs. As a result, more and more firms are looking at opportunities for adopting a shared service to improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk and meet customer expectations. In fact, it makes absolutely no financial sense to address the many aspects of reference data management internally when the same data can be supplied by a shared services provider. Investing in an internal project not only means paying for all the changes that need to be made immediately, but also for those changes that need to be made at a later stage, f.e. to meet ongoing regulatory requirements. Doing it inhouse means, there are no benefits that come from sharing these costs within a one to many cost-efficient solution. A collaborative data management can be more pro-active in incorporating new data categories and accessing additional data sources to accommodate requirements for multiple clients.

Why is managing Reference Data so difficult?

Despite the notion that a reference normally refers to something static, LEI and ISIN reference data is in fact far from static. Legal Entities change and so do financial instruments throughout the life cycle of their existence. Much has been achieved in the world of corporate actions but still there is no single source for finding correct data.

What created the Reference Data Management Problem?

Originally when there was just one source there was no problem. As sources increased, financial services companies turned to investing in IT projects. As more sources and more demands for accurate data were made, these IT projects became more large-scale and strategic aimed at delivering enterprise-wide master data sets. It seemed the best way to fix the data quality issue.

As a result the world learned to live with multiple data sources, asset managers, investment banks and other users of financial market data sought to manage their needs for good quality data by using enterprise data quality management and other systems. When sources increased further and management became more costly some sought to outsource their tasks to third parties in off shore centers, but even this has its limitations of high fixed costs, high running costs and growing implementation risks. Increasingly data technology budgets are stretched not just to manage the complexity of data management, but also to comply with new regulations. More than ever before it has become important to look at an alternative operating model to solve the ISIN and LEI Reference Data Management problem.

What makes CMDportal unique?

CMDportal is uniquely positioned to solve the Reference Data Management problem because it is fully independent and unique in applying algorithmic solutions that ensure top quality data management though out the life cycle of both the financial instrument as well as the entity that issued the instrument. Outsourcing and offshoring models, despite labour cost arbitrage, cannot compete with a one-to-many collaborative data model. A collaborative data management solution allows participants to benefit from improvements suggested by peers. Increasingly this solution is not only seen as being more predictable when it comes to quality and costs, but also more flexible when it comes to selecting what data to source. At CMDportal we have over 17 years of experience in data aggregation and do so from well over 100 different data sources from both the intermediating, asset management and clearing and settlement environments.

Pricing Matrix

CMDportal provides users access to a matrix that provides insight into funding conditions in primary bond markets. The matrix is unique in providing investors price references for fair value execution. This tool also provides a view on funding conditions across debt capital markets globally.
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Primary Bond Issuance

Connecting Dealers and issuers in the primary Bond and MTN private placement markets.

CMDportal brings efficiency to how, dealers and issuers connect and access the primary fixed income market.

CMDportal's online platform for primary bond issuance eliminates inefficiencies, provides higher transparency, optimal price discovery, and investor diversification for all counterparties in the primary bond market.

The CMDportal network of institutional investors, dealers and issuers has grown fast and is the largest connecting professional market participants from around the globe.

For Issuers we provide easy to use tools to more efficiently market funding targets with dealers, brokers and other providers from around the world, helping diversification and volumes whilst reducing funding cost through our unique approach to momentum.
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For Dealers we provide easy to use tools that consolidate and take the work out of gathering funding targets from issuers in one easy to use place, updated real time, with easy to use filters and views. We provide a level playing field, with increasing efficiency and reducing desk costs through our unique approach to assisting dealers in printing trades.
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All of our products are encrypted and hosted in a secure environment. They can be deployed as a standalone solution or be fully integrated into your core architecture. Cloud deployment ensures fast implementation with minimum cost, on-going support and upgrades. In addition, all of the data centers we use are secure and are ISO standards 27001 and 9001 compliant.

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