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Post Date: 11 August 2021
Paccar Financial Corp has priced a syndicated USD denominated Browniemarket bond which matures in 2024. 


Issuer: Paccar Financial Corp 
Industry: Leasing
Country: United States
Issuer Description: The Company's principal activity is to provide finance and leases trucks and related equipment primarily manufactured by Paccar Inc. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paccar Inc. The Company operates primarily in one industry segment, truck and related equipment financing in the United States. The Company provides financing to customers and dealers for new Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks, used trucks, truck trailers and allied equipment such as mixer and dump bodies attached to trucks. The Company also finances dealer inventories of transportation equipment and franchises Paccar Inc dealerships to engage in full-service and finance leasing. The products include retail receivables, direct loans, master note, wholesale contracts, dealer loans, direct financing lease, operating leases, full-servicing leases and insurance services.. Paccar Financial PLC offers financial solutions that meet business needs. The Company provides the comparison of loans and leases, finance versus cash option, loans, leases, and special arrangements. Paccar Financial delivers financial support to clients in the United Kingdom.


Generic Rating
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Amount: USD [Login to see full details]
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Structure:Fixed Rate
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It came at a spread of [Login to see full details] in the Brownie bond market.
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