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Post Date: 26 August 2021

Germany based Financial Institution Muenchener Hypothekenbank eG has finalised a private placement in the EUR Fixed Rate Berliner Medium Term Note market. The financing matures in 2028 and was executed by a single dealer.   Users are able to check the full term sheet with pricing details for this deal after login. Issuer: Muenchener Hypothekenbank eG Industry: Bank - Credit InstitutionCountry: GermanyLEI: 529900GM944JT8YIRL63 Issuer Description: Muenchener Hypothekenbank eG operates as a co-operative bank. The Bank offers residential and commercial property financing and commercial property lending services. Muenchener Hypothekenbank serves customers in Germany. Generic Rating: [Login to see full details] Moody's Credit Rating: [Login to see full details] Amount: EUR [Login to see full details]Total Amount including taps: EUR [Login to see full details] Structure:Fixed RateThe coupon is [Login to see full details]. The MTN was priced at [Login to see full details]. Login to see if this deal qualifies as a Green Bond or Social Bond or other type of ESG Bond.  Check here for all issuer’s year to date financings.

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