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Post Date: 27 August 2021

Netherlands based SIV ABS JP Morgan Structured Products has finalised a private placement in the EGP Credit Linked (Sovereign) Euro Medium Term Note market. The financing matures in 2026.   Users are able to check the full term sheet with pricing details for this deal after login. Issuer: JP Morgan Structured Products BV Industry: ABS - SIVCountry: NetherlandsLEI: XZYUUT6IYN31D9K77X08 Issuer Description: JPMSP was incorporated as a limited liability company (besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid) under the laws of the Netherlands in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 6 November 2006 to exist for an unlimited duration. JPMSP was registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam under registered number 34259454 and has its registered offices at Strawinskylaan 3105 Atrium, 1077ZX Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (telephone number + 31 20 406 4444).Investment Policy JPMSP may undertake any independent investments in its sole discretion with the proceeds (net of third party costs) of an issuance of notes, warrants or certificates. Principal Activities JPMSP's business will principally consist of the issuance of securitised derivatives comprising notes, warrants and certificates, including equity-linked, reverse convertible and market participation notes (the "Instruments") and the subsequent hedging of those risk positions. All issuances will be subject to hedging arrangements. The proceeds of the sale of the securities will be used to enter into hedging arrangements with other J.P. Morgan Chase companies. JPMSP anticipates that the hedging arrangements will be sufficient to hedge itself against the market risk of its securities issuance activities. JPMSP will also have receipts from and make payments to other JPMorgan Chase Group companies.Generic Rating: [Login to see full details] Moody's Credit Rating: [Login to see full details] S&P Credit Rating: [Login to see full details] Fitch Credit Rating: [Login to see full details] Amount: EGP [Login to see full details]Total Amount including taps: EGP [Login to see full details] Structure: Credit Linked (Sovereign)The MTN was priced at [Login to see full details]. Term: [Login to see full details]Trade Date: [Login to see full details]Settlement Date: [Login to see full details]Maturity Date: [Login to see full details]Login to see if this deal qualifies as a Green Bond or Social Bond or other type of ESG Bond.  Check here for all issuer’s year to date financings.

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