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Post Date: 15 October 2021

Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG - PBB has priced a syndicated USD denominated Adler market bond which matures in 2024.  An Adler bond is an EUR-denominated bond issued by a non-German entity in the German Foreign Bond market. Issuer: Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG - PBB Industry: Bank - Credit InstitutionCountry: GermanyLEI: DZZ47B9A52ZJ6LT6VV95 Issuer Description: pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank is a leading specialist bank for investments in commercial real estate and public infrastructure projects in Europe and the USA. It is one of the largest issuers of Pfandbriefe, also making it an important issuer of covered bonds in Europe. Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In addition to Germany, the main business focus is on Great Britain, France, Spain, the nordic countries and countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG was formed in mid-2009 by the merger of Hypo Real Estate Bank AG and DEPFA Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG.. Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG specializes in commercial real estate finance and public investment finance. The Company funds public sector investments, such as infrastructure projects and provides government-backed export finance.Generic Rating: [Login to see full details] S&P Credit Rating: [Login to see full details] Amount: USD [Login to see full details]Total Amount including taps: USD [Login to see full details] Structure: Fixed RateThe coupon is [Login to see full details]. Term: [Login to see full details]Trade Date: [Login to see full details]Settlement Date: [Login to see full details]Maturity Date: [Login to see full details]Login to see if this deal qualifies as a Green Bond or Social Bond or other type of ESG Bond.  Check here for all issuer’s year to date financings.

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