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CMDportal Awards 2017 

Please see the links below for the full list of 2017 Award Winners.


Money Market Dealers & Issuers   

  Best Overall Short Term Dealer       Best Global CP House       Best FIG CP Dealer       Best Overall CP Issuer 



Bond/MTN Issuers   

 Most Innovative Issuer      Best Structured Note Issuer       Best Green Bond Issuer 
Image result for international finance corporation logo        


Bond/MTN Dealers   

Best Overall Bond House      Best FIG House       Most Improved Bond House 





Best GBP Money Market Fund      Best USD Money Market Fund      Best EUR Money Market Fund 
 Image result for lgim       Image result for gsam       Image result for gsam 



 Awards Methodology 

The CMDPortal Winners in Debt Capital Markets Awards credit the best of performances by fixed income dealers, issuers and investors in the previous 12 months. After a comprehensive process gathering feedback from industry participants, an assessment of pedigree in specific categories, and (where relevant) consulting available data and league tables, nominations were put together for the awards. 

League tables play an integral role in assessing competitors. In combination with an analysis of key deals and performance over the year, we arrived at a grouping of six nominees for each award category.

Once nominees were confirmed, it was time to begin narrowing down each category to choose a winner. 4 main avenues were utilised to accomplish this:

1) Polls: As a collaborative portal, participation in our polls is a crucial element in determining award winners. Polls opened in November and saw excellent engagement from our audience of over 25,000     investors, dealers, and issuers. 1620 votes cast, a 46% increase from the previous year’s awards season.

2) Pitch books & Questionnaire: A tailored questionnaire was distributed to each nominee in order to gain insights into their performance throughout the year. We received detailed responses from a large number of participants that helped to shape our decision-making. Additionally, several firms provided the analyst team with presentations that outlined highlights of their performance.     

3) Interviews: In-person meetings were conducted with potential award winners, while conference calls took place with several more. These discussions are a key part to gathering insights into the strategies of institutions and examining the decision-making process behind accomplishments. Institutions were also invited to suggest new developments and pitch for accomplishments during the year, as we did not want to restrict the possibilities for acknowledgment. This resulted in additional winning categories being included. 

4) League Tables: League Table rankings provide statistical evidence of outperformance throughout the year. In the CMDportal Data Wiki, all data is networked with nearly 6,000 issuer user participants affording a high accuracy of data.

An integrated approach combining results from the above-listed methods allowed us to determine the award winners for 2017. We would like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to participate in this process.


CMDportal Awards 2016 

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Money Market Dealers 

Syndicated and Private Placement Dealers 




CMDportal Awards 2015 

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Money Market Dealers 

Syndicated and Private Placement Dealers 



CMDportal Awards 2014 

Please see the links below for Awards 2014.

Money Markets 

Bond Markets  



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