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In the Collaborative Bond and Money Market Data Model, a Group is a collection of one or more legal entities and branches of legal entities - issuers - that through ownership or other types of control somehow belong together.  The classic example is a collection of parent and subsidiary companies that function as a single economic entity through a system of legal and other controls.

The name of the group is typically the marketing name of the group as a whole.

The concept of a group is frequently used in accounting and tax law and sometimes also in  company law to attribute the rights and duties of one member of the group to another or the whole. If the legal entities - issuers within a group are engaged in entirely different businesses, the group industry sector may be referred to as Diversified Services or Industrial. However, in the Collaborative Bond and Money Market Data Model we will always aim to select the group industry sector that is the most dominant. The country of a group is typically that of the group´s parent, head-quarters or where the group has most of its business and other activities.

The concept of a Group allows for consolidation (sum) of all issuance and outstandings of all Issuers - Legal entities that are part of the group.

The creation of a Group usually involves mergers and acquisitions, although the Group concept focuses on the instances in which the merged and acquired entity remains in existence rather than the instances in which they are dissolved by the parent. The group may be owned by a holding company that has no actual operations.

A Group, by law, CAN NOT issue, register and or sell securities. This can only be done by an Issuer - Legal Entity.

Based on available data, on the 1st of July, 2019, the number of active issuers in Bond and Money Markets globally was over 33,500, totalling USD126trn equivalent in 140 different currencies.

For information on Group Issuers, please use the issuer search tool.
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