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Issuer - Legal Entity

From the Collaborative Bond and Money Market Data Portal


An Issuer – Legal Entity, or Legal entity, is an entity (issuer) that has been formed under law of the country in which it is created and has the legal capacity to issue, register and or sell securities for the purpose of financing its operations.

In some cases, the same legal entity may be recorded multiple times in CMDportal database. This happens when the issuer is a Branch or a Compartment or when the issuer frequently issues Covered Bonds. The reason for this is that for reasons of collateralisation compartments and covered bonds carry different higher ratings.

In the CMDportal data model the Issuer/Entity name and short name are both anglicised. This means that characters that are not used in the English language are not included in the name. 

For information on Bond and Money Market Issuers, please use our issuer search tool.  


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