Bank Euro Commercial Paper increases USD13.9bn whilst US Commercial Paper decrease by USD3.6bn

Post Date: 27/05/2016

EU Commercial Paper outstandings increase by USD13.9bn over the last week (previous 2 week increase USD16.5bn, thus increasing USD30.4bn over 3 weeks) 

The amount of outstanding Euro commercial paper (CP) and certificates of deposit (CD) increased over the week ending May  25th, according to CMDportal data.

Outstandings increased by USD13.9 billion to USD907.3 billion.

Bank outstandings increased by USD4.8bn to USD500.6 billion. (previous week increase USD2.9bn)

Government outstandings decreased by USD7.9 billion to USD252.8 billion. (previous week decrease USD1.2bn)

Corporate outstandings increased USD485 million to USD107.6 billion. (previous week increase USD1.9bn)

Asset-backed outstandings increased by USD608 million to USD41.9 billion. (previous week decrease USD 438 million)

Insurance outstandings were up USD79 million to USD4.5 billion. (previous week increase USD31 million)


US Commercial Paper outstandings decrease by USD3.6 billion over the last week (previous 2 week increase USD7.1bn, thus increasing USD3.5bn over 3 weeks) 

The amount of outstanding US commercial paper (CP) and certificates of deposit (CD) decreased over the week ending May 25th, according to Federal Reserve data.

Outstandings increased by USD 3.6 billion to USD1,097.4 billion.

In the last week, Non-Financial outstandings decreased by USD1.6 billion to USD289.9 billion, whilst the Financial Sector decreased by USD1.4bn to USD549.4bn.

Domestic Non-Financials decreased by USD0.8 billion, whilst Foreign Non-Financials decreased by a USD0.7bn.

Domestic Banks increased by USD1.7 billion whilst Foreign Banks decreased by USD3.1 billion. 

The US Asset Backed Commercial Paper Sector decreased by USD1 billion to USD256.2 billion