Euro and US Commercial Paper Market drop USD23.6bn week ending 4th May

Post Date: 09/05/2016

Euro Commercial Paper outstandings decrease by USD12.5bn over the last week  

The amount of outstanding Euro commercial paper (CP) and certificates of deposit (CD) decreased over the week ending May  4th, according to CMDportal data.

Outstandings decreased by USD12.5 billion to USD876.9 billion due to the Government and Bank Sector.

Bank outstandings decreased by USD4.8bn to USD487.2 billion.

Government outstandings decreased by USD8.0 billion to USD220.2 billion.

Corporate outstandings increased USD180 million to USD104.2 billion.

Asset-backed outstandings increased by USD289 million to USD41.2 billion.

Insurance outstandings were down USD99 million to USD4.2 billion. 


US Commercial Paper outstandings decrease by USD11.1bn over the last week 

The amount of outstanding US commercial paper (CP) and certificates of deposit (CD) increased over the week ending May 4th, according to Federal Reserve data.

Outstandings decreased by USD11.1 billion to USD1,093.9 billion, with  the Financial sectors mainly responsible for the decrease.

In the last week, Non-Financial outstandings increased by USD4.0 billion to USD283.9 billion, whilst the Financial Sector decreased by USD15.5bn to USD550.5bn.

Domestic Non-Financials increased by USD2.6 billion, whilst Foreign Non-Financials increased by a USD1.4 billion.

Domestic Banks decreased by USD10.2 billion whilst Foreign Banks decreased by USD5.5 billion.

The US Asset Backed Commercial Paper Sector increased by USD0.5 billion to USD258.5 billion.


Note: Due to holidays in Europe it was not possible to obtain all data required for our weekly press release on Commercial Paper markets. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. USCP and ECP data both provided as non-seasonally adjusted.