Join the CMD, IMMFA, Federated, Royal Mail, GS, Deutsche at the European Money Fund Forum 2016

Post Date: 16/05/2016


European Money Fund Forum 2016 


28 - 29 June 2016Central London 

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European Money Fund Forum 2016 



With the Council's recent presidency compromise on the proposal for a Regulation on Money Market Funds, the 10th annual European Money Fund Forum will be the essential meeting place to discuss the latest changes around upcoming and existing reforms, product innovation and the wider economic outlook. 

Europe's longest running and premier money fund conference will play host to industry experts from the likes of IMMFA, Federated Investors, Royal Mail, Goldman Sachs as well as any other leading fund companies, corporate treasurers, banks, regulators and rating agencies from London, Frankfurt, Paris and the US. 




Are you a corporate treasurer, local authority or charity? 

If so, you may be able to attend this event free of charge. 

Email Karima Haywood at to apply. 

Programme Highlights Include: 

European Money Fund Forum 2016 


European Economy Update: Including a discussion of the ramifications of the 23rd June Brexit vote 




European Money Fund Forum 2016 


IMMFA's Annual Opening Address: Jointly presented by Jane Lowe and Reyer Kooy 




European Money Fund Forum 2016 


Treasurers: Navigate regulatory reform, product innovation & manage cash in a negative interest rate 




European Money Fund Forum 2016 


China & Japan Focus: Understand the impact of technology and negative interest rates 




European Money Fund Forum 2016 


Morning Workshop Session: Tax & accounting treatment for variable NAV products 




European Money Fund Forum 2016 


The Data Management Revolution: Impact on money market funds 




European Money Fund Forum 2016 


Portal Panel: Understanding how liquidity is being replaced in the market 








Expert Speakers Include: 

  • Jane Lowe, Secretary General, IMMFA 
  • Jan Randolph, Director of Sovereign Risk IHS Economics and Country Risk, IHS 
  • Paul van de Moosdijk, Senior Investment Manager, Stichting Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzign (PGGM) 
  • Auna Dunlevy, Head of Front Office, Royal Mail 
  • Marnix Bruning, Head of Money Market & Central Bank Sales, ING BANK 
  • Anthony Nicholls, Director, European Commercial Paper Trading, UBS 




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