Pacific Bond Market issuance grows 33% YoY driven by SSAs

Post Date: 10/04/2018

By Ioannis Gougoulias

The following data were retrieved using CMDportal's Data Sheet and Instrument Search tool.


Pacific Bond Market issuance sees a 33% growth rate YoY
The Bond, MTN and Note issuance within the Pacific Region has made a significant improvement in 2018. This year so far the issuance amount has reached USD64.7bn, suggesting a 33% increase YoY. Compared to 2017, we see that FIG and SSA issuance has increased rapidly by 28% and 52% to USD35bn and USD24.2bn, respectively. On the other hand, Corporate issuance has deteriorated by 22% dropping to USD3.5bn YTD.

As mentioned the two main drivers of Bond issuance in the Pacific region are FIGs and SSAs. According to CMDportal data, most of the FIG issuance was done in the international market. Specifically, USD20.2bn out of the USD35.6bn were international bonds. Westpac Banking Corporation has tapped the market with a dual tranche Covered Bond issuance of total size EUR1.75bn in the beginning of the year (read more here), while Commonwealth Bank of Australia has tapped the international market multiple times, raising USD3.8bn in total. Corporate issuance was also done mainly through the international market.

On the other hand, SSAs , Australia and New Zealand have all taped the domestic market issuing bonds in the AUD currency and targeting domestic investors. Specifically, Australia raised USD23bn, being by far the largest issuer of the Pacific region.

Where is this data coming from?

CMDportal is the global bond and money market data utility connecting issuers, dealers and investors. The service aggregates data from a wide range of sources, including issuers, dealers and fund investors recording both who issued, who traded and who bought the instruments.

Can I produce a Debt Capital Market statistical query like this?

Yes you can. CMDportal provides a wide range of tools to analyse bond and money markets. Data Sheet results can be downloaded as an XLS file.

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