Platforms drive innovation

Post Date: 18/04/2018

By Ioannis Gougoulias

Verbund AG, the largest electricity producer in Austria, has worked with Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thuringen in launching the first Schuldschein on the fully integrated digital issuance platform. The platform replicates the established process from the issuer, through the bank to the investor in a fully digital environment, leading to additional transparency, efficiency and speed in the issuance process and thereby significantly reducing transaction costs.

The growth of the market in the recent years, begs the question of whether the market could benefit from using an intermediary platform. One platform that could play a role is CMDportal’s Indication of Interest Platform. Whilst this platform is currently used by Money Market and Bond Market issuers, it is very flexible and allows borrowers to select their dealer audience or house banks and post targets for Schuldschein financings. Such a primary market platform would sit well next to the secondary market platforms promoted by Hamburg and Hannover stock exchanges.  

Can i produce statistical queries on the 
Schuldschein market  

Yes you can. CMDportal provides a wide range of tools to analyse the Schuldschein market. Data Search allows you to perform flow queries, while the Issuer Search provides information on the key players of the market.

Mr. Gougoulias is an Analyst at CMDportal. He can be reached at