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ICMA Annual Conference 2021

24 June 2021 10:00 - 14:00 @ London, United Kingdom

Event overview

The ICMA annual conference will once again connect ICMA’s membership for an expert review of the main trends and developments in the international capital market over the last 12 months and an informed look forward at how these will impact financial markets and the global economy over the next few years.

Taking account of the global pandemic, key themes this year include: market developments and regulation in the primary, secondary and repo markets on the sell side and the buy side; progress on the transition from LIBOR to risk-free rates; the mainstreaming of sustainable finance; and how fintech is revolutionising capital markets.

Featuring speakers from major international institutions, the half day virtual event is an essential briefing on where the debt capital markets are headed.

There will be an opportunity for networking with other ICMA members and attendees through the conference platform.

The annual conference will take place shortly after ICMA’s Annual General Meeting, which be held in written form at ICMA’s domicile in Zurich, where the Chief Executive, the Company Secretary and an appointed Teller will review the written responses from the membership with regard to the items on the agenda.

Admission: This virtual event is free of charge and open to all ICMA members and to interested financial market participants. Register now.

Registrations will close at 17.00 CEST on 23 June 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact ICMA events.



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