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@ London, United Kingdom

The GlobalCapital Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Forum



Harnessing capital markets to achieve sustainability on a broader scale

Event Overview

The GlobalCapital Sustainable & Responsible Capital Markets Forum is now in its 10th year and will take place in London on 28th September. 

Closely following sustainable finance through the years and travelling to Paris, Amsterdam and now arriving in London, the event has been an annual platform for sustainable capital markets debate. 

We are excited to meet in person again and are looking forward to a host of very timely, productive discussions on how to innovate and bring responsible investing to a new level.

‘Green bond’ is the buzzword of today’s capital markets. It has come a long way before it had become a widely recognised and aspired to, instrument to raise capital. But how do we go further? The COP26 tasks are enormous – regulatory, financial, but also motivational:

➤ How to raise capital for the long-term strategy of sustainability and carbon neutrality?
➤ How to intertwine development with lasting social impact?
➤ How to reward those who are successful?

The conference will provide a high-level platform to discuss how could financial institutions, corporates and governments scale up the current effort and finance transition and sustainability for the long term.