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The Virtual Investors' Conference on Libor

29 Sep, 2020 15:30 - 00:15 @ Supranational, Supranational

The global capital markets industry continues to work on the LIBOR transition, despite current Covid-19 market upheaval, and the regulatory message remains firm that LIBOR will be on its way out year-end-2021. Progress has been made and 2020 has become a tipping point as we move from planning to implementing the transition.

IMN’s Virtual Investors’ Conference on LIBOR, taking place September 29, will provide a platform to help educate investors, borrowers and industry participants on the adoption of jurisdictional alternative reference rates between both the U.S. and Europe, and prepare for a liquidity shift in the market.

Our morning sessions will have a European focus and afternoon on U.S., to help prepare the global structured finance industry with best practices and work with vendors to better the transition from an operational perspective, and avoid contractual reliance on a benchmark that will no longer represent a future market.