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The Collaborative Market Data Network
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FAB wins Best Middle East FIG Dealer Award 2021!

Standard Chartered wins Best CNY, Middle East, Formosa and Frontier Market Dealer Awards 2021!

LMA SA wins Best ABCP Issuer Award 2021!

JPMorgan wins Most Diversified EUR & GBP Money Market Fund Awards 2021!

QNB wins Best FIG CD Issuer Award 2021!

BlackRock wins Most Diversified USD Money Market Fund Award 2021!

NatWest Markets win Best GBP CP Dealer Award 2021!

CAFFIL wins Best Covered Bond Issuer 2021!

Austria wins Best SSA CP Issuer 2021!

Deutsche Bank wins Best Corporate EUR Dealer Award 2021!

Commerzbank wins Best German CP Dealer Award 2021!


SMBC Nikko wins Best JPY Dealer Award 2021!

BP wins Best Corporate Issuer Award 2021!

Credit Suisse wins Best Covered Bond and Best CHF Dealer Award!

EIB wins Best SSA Bond Issuer Award 2021!

ING wins Best Overall Short-Term, Overall ECP, SSA CP, and EUR CP Dealer Awards 2021!


Deutsche Bank wins Best FIG Issuer Award 2021!

Rabobank wins Best European CP, FIG CP and USD CP Dealer Awards 2021!

BMO wins Best CAD Dealer Award 2021!

HSBC wins Best ESG, GBP, Corporate PP and Panda/Dim Sum Dealer Awards 2021!

SEB wins Best Nordic Dealer and Best Nordic CP Dealer Awards 2021!

KfW wins Best Overall Issuer Award 2021!

IFC wins Best DCM Investor Relations Award 2021!

Citi wins Best FIG, SSA USD, FIG USD, Corporate USD, and Structured Note Dealer Awards 2021!

Citi wins Best Global CP Dealer Award 2021!