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CMDportal launches first global platform for USD4.8 trillion private placement bond market.

03/05/2016 This system is the first of its kind and is aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency for SSA, FIG, Corporate and Asset Backed borrowers and dealers globally.

Euro Commercial Paper Market drops USD1.7bn whilst US Commercial Paper continues increase by USD8.6bn

28/04/2016 ECP Banks drop USD5.5bn whilst USCP Banks increase by USD7bn

European Parlaiment passes law on EURIBOR and LIBOR

28/04/2016 Becomes law after EU Official Journal publication

ECP and US CP jump by USD48bn in total

27/04/2016 ECP jumps by USD16.4bn whilst USCP jumps by 31.5bn

Launched Spanish Construction company's Euro Commercial Paper Programme

21/04/2016 There is a limit of EUR300m for outstanding issues

JPM adds another 30 3rd party private placements since 1st of April.

20/04/2016 In JPY it is all EQL and FXL.

Corporate Green Bond Issuance to Triple during 2016

20/04/2016 Predicted to be a USD28-30bn market this year

ECP decreases by USD8.2bn whilst US CP increases by USD13.8bn over the last week.

15/04/2016 In USCP Foreign Banks increased by USD6.8 billion

ECP increases by USD4.8bn whilst US CP decreases by USD5.4bn over the last week.

08/04/2016 US ABCP continues to grow.

ECP decreases by USD5.3bn whilst US CP decreases by USD11.5bn over the last week.

01/04/2016 ABCP increases on both sides of the Atlantic

News Release: ECP increases by USD1.3bn whilst US CP decreases by 3.7bn over the last week

29/03/2016 Foreign Banks decrease USCP by USD4.3 billion, whilst Domestic Banks increase USCP by USD6.4 billion

News Release: ECP decreases by USD2.5bn whilst US CP increases by 9.7bn over the last week

24/03/2016 ECP decrease due to the government sector / USCP increase  due to the Foreign Financial and Non-Financial Sectors

Cryptocurrency for Central Banks?

23/03/2016 BoE Broadbent does not expect bitcoins will become an alternative unit of measure.

US Asset Backed Commercial Paper increases whilst Europe lags behind.

22/03/2016 European Car Manufactures prefer non-ASB Commercial Paper

New Calculation Method for Libor Coming.

18/03/2016 Market transactions to drive calculation - roadmap published

ICAP tests blockchain in Post Trade - Risk and Information

15/03/2016 result confirms potential to transform post trade operations, in particular for data collection

Emerging Market Sovereign Bonds a Bumper Year in the Make?

15/03/2016 After USD3.8bn in February, first 2 weeks of March collect USD5.7bn

Central bankers will need to raise rates by year end.

14/03/2016 Opportunities on the short side more compelling than on the long.

ECP increases by USD1.6bn whilst US CP decreases by 5.7bn over the last week

14/03/2016 ECP increase due to the non-bank sector / USCP decrease due to the Domestic Non-Financial Sectors   

ECB Comes out all guns blazing

10/03/2016 Sending a strong message to the market

Chinese Commercial Paper Aims to go Central.

09/03/2016 Market Size remains a mystery!

Euro Commercial Paper outstandings decrease by USD9.6bn over the last week due to better funding conditions in the US

08/03/2016 In USCP Foreign Banks increase by USD2.9bn, whilst Foreign Non-Financials increase by USD1.9bn

PEFCO's establishes USD2.2 Billion Euro Commercial Paper Programme

08/03/2016 PEFCO is effectively United States of America credit

QE3 coming on Thursday

07/03/2016 How will the market react?

5 Reasons Why are banks buying back their own debt?

03/03/2016 Deutsche is still tendering their USD buyback.

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