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Demand Shifts Back Into Treasuries Following Global Growth Fears and ECB Disappointment

16/10/2014 Fears regarding global growth prospects, following a recent IMF report, as well as disappointment on the ECB's reluctant communication regarding it's potential ABS and covered bond purchases triggered risk-off investment to the benefit of Treasuries.

Excess Liquidity From Europe Sends Yields on US Treasuries Notes to 3.5-Year High

16/10/2014 The US issued USD29bn in 2yr Notes on Tuesday. The size was in line with pre released guidance. The bonds weakened substantially, with yields now being at a 3.5 year high. The shorter Treasury Note market is currently affected

New ETF Tracking the Global Convertible Bond Market

16/10/2014 The SPDR Thomson Reuters Global Convertible Bond UCITS ETF is now launched on the Xetra.  This is the first time that the ETF tracks the global market for convertible bonds. According to Deutsche Boerse, “The SPDR Thomson Reuters Global Convertible

German Schatz Stops Rally on ECB Dissappointment

16/10/2014 Uncertainty on the size of the ECB's upcoming ABS and covered bond purchases is putting a break on the performance of the short dated EGB market.

Shaky Q3 Start, but European HY Remains on Track for a Stellar Year

15/10/2014 The European high yield bond market has been suffering in recent weeks. Demand has been falling on the back of a risk in appetite for safer assets, as global geopolitical risks currently drive the market sentiment. Fund flows in European

German ILBs Remain Strong But Not Overwhelming

15/10/2014 The ILB rally has slowed down notably as threats to Euro inflation puts a break on inflation-linked demand.

Dutch 3yr DSL Remain Unimpressed by ECB Policy

15/10/2014 The April 2017 DSL priced fairly unchanged from its last tap in June - an indication on how little the effect of policy announcements regarding asset purchases was for Dutch paper.

Lower TLTRO Take-Up to Ease FIG Supply Concerns

14/10/2014 The ECB conducted its first TLTRO on Thursday. The results of the take up came in well below market expectations, with EUR82.6bn being demanded from 255 banks. A take up of at least EUR100bn was being priced in.The number of

Spanish Bonos Continue Rally Despite Headwinds From Scotland

14/10/2014 ECB easing created a further uplift for Spanish sovereign bonds. However, the Scottish referendum could turn out to lie heavy on Bonos.

France Completes 80.5% of 2014 Funding with Lower Yields

14/10/2014 Catch up from ECBs latest policies as well as a drive high demand for EGBs due to increased political and economic risks push French yields further down.

Portugal Scheduled for Up To EUR1bn This Week

14/10/2014 Austria, Norway, the UK, the US, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Ireland and Sweden also issuing this week.

2015 Brings 9 Potential First Calls in Corporate Hybrid Market

14/10/2014  The corporate hybrid bond market is tracking levels from 2013.  YTD, issuance totals EUR24.3bn, just below EUR24.7bn issued in the same period of 2013. But looking at the breakdown by currencies, it is clear that EUR denominated deals shot up

High Demand for German OBLs Following Hawkish ECB

14/10/2014 Disappointment of last week's outcome of the ECB's monthly governing council meeting drove demand into German govvies.

Q3 2014 League Tables

14/10/2014 We are excited to present our Third Quarter 2014 League Tables SSA, FIG, Corporate, Green Bond, Uridashi, Hybrids, High Yield, Covered, Money Market and many other Private Placement and Syndicated League Tables are included.The report covers the top 10 (and

Global Growth Concerns Drive Demand into 30y Treasuries

14/10/2014 Following a strong result for 10yr Notes, there was also solid demand for 30yr Treasury Bonds on Thursday - increased risks to the global growth outlook triggered the results.

TwentyFour Asset Management Set to Launch Smaller Sterling Corporate Bond Fund

14/10/2014 TwentyFour Asset Management is planning to launch a new corporate bond fund.  The fund will be run by Chris Bowie, who joined the firm in August from Ignis. The new fund, call the TwentyFour Sterling Corporate Bond, will launch in

Yield on 30Y BTP Drops 39bps in Italian Bond Auctions

14/10/2014 The outcome of last Thursday's confidence vote gives a major push to BTPs as markets gain confidence in Renzi's ability to reform Italian labour markets.

BNP Paribas Leads Covered Bond League with +USD10bn of Business

14/10/2014 In Q3, global covered bond issuance totalled USD61bn. This compares to a higher USD73.5bn issued in Q3 2013. The declining trend in issuance has persisted throughout the year in the first three quarters of 2014, global covered bond issuance totals

FRN Investors Consider Longer Tenors; Credit Suisse Extends to 5yrs

13/10/2014 Rationale Floating rate issuance has surprised to the upside in 2014. Typically, new activity trends with an increase in rates, but in the EUR denominated bond market especially, this year has seen rates move even lower. And with the ECB

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