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ESMA tightens benchmark rules

31/03/2017  Three Months until European Commission approval   

Euro CP and USCP almost neck-and-neck

24/03/2017 US Financials surge

Euro CP decreased USD 750m whilst USCP down USD 1.4bn

17/03/2017 US Financials drag

Euro CP up USD3.4bn whilst USCP drops USD10.3bn

10/03/2017 Euro market reclaims largest title...just

ICMA introduces flexibility to secondary bond market buy-ins and sell-outs

02/03/2017 New rules more flexible than CSDR buy-in regime.

Euro CP up by USD 1.5bn whilst USCP jumps USD 10bn

24/02/2017 Domestic Banks Drive USCP

Euro CP increases by USD 13.5bn, USCP up USD 10.9bn

17/02/2017 Foreign Banks push USCP Market

Euro CP increases by USD960m whilst USCP increased by USD5.8bn

10/02/2017 Foreign Banks retreat from US market

Euro CP Increases by USD15.7bn whilst USCP increased by USD9.1bn

27/01/2017 Both markets pretty much even in total amount outstanding

Euro Commercial Paper increases whilst US Commercial Paper decreases; both by

19/01/2017 Outstandings increased by USD958 million

CMDportal growth and Objectives for 2017

24/12/2016 Over 5,000 new registered users in 2016.

ECP and US CP drop by USD24.6bn in total

02/12/2016 US Domestic Non-Financials drop by USD 24.6 billion

Euro CP & USCP Almost Touch. How much did the gap shrink in 4 weeks?

02/12/2016 Euro SSA and US FIGs Drive Each market

USCP retreats to domestic paper whilst ECP goes SSA

02/12/2016 Euro CP and USCP Almost Touch. Read about it here

ECP up by USD2.5bn whilst USCP down by 8.6bn

02/12/2016 US commercial paper supply shrinks to lowest in a year

ECP Increase USD 10.16bn whilst USCP drop USD16.8bn

02/12/2016 We are now only weeks from ECP overtaking USCP Outstandings.

Should we be concerned about the amount of US Corporate debt?

02/12/2016 US Corp Debt levels have grown 11.3% YTD

How do DCM deal fees vary by Client Relationship?

02/12/2016 Is it better to have a pre-existing relationship?

What are the average Corp IG bond fees by Maturity + Rating?

02/12/2016 FCA Analysis of Transaction Data and current UK Corp IG outstandings

30 Year Bonds, Worth the Risk?

02/12/2016 Longer term notes may suffer as Fed revise policy

What’s happening in the Green Bond Market?

02/12/2016 Significant Deals across All Sectors

Saudi Arabia Borrow Big as Oil Revenue Dries up

02/12/2016 Multi Billion Dollar Deal expected soon

Is Shrinking Oil Income Prompting Sukuk Issuance?

02/12/2016 Gulf countries facing a Budget Deficit during Oil Glut

Chinese Bank CP Levels, Cause for Concern?

02/12/2016 Issuance has grown a lot over the past 6 years.

Cheap Sterling Floods Corporate Bond Markets

02/12/2016 Has GBP finally bottomed out?

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