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Deutsche Bank, What is outstanding?

02/12/2016 EQ Linkers, Subordinated and Senior Debt?

Domestic Non-Financials continue to increase USCP market, whilst ECP drops on lack of SSA rolls

02/12/2016 For further Euro and US CP analysis use our Data Sheet tool

Investors Pile cash into non-Financial/SSA Commercial Paper


Money Market Funds invest an additional USD28.9bn.   

US CP Market again drops below Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings

02/12/2016 Month End Causes drop on both sides of the Atlantic.

World Bank’s latest USD 500m Green Bonds

24/11/2016 Use our Data Sheet tool for Green Bond market analysis

EC moves on Sustainable Finance in Capital Markets Union

23/11/2016 Check the growth of the Green Bond market using the Data Sheet tool

No Trumping Green Bond market

22/11/2016 Use our Data Sheet tool for further Green Bond analysis

Germany calls for ECB QE to be unwound

21/11/2016 To see how much ECB eligible outstandings there are use our Data Sheet tool

Record corporate issuance: How much and Why?

16/11/2016 Use the Data Sheet tool to check Industry trends

Healthy appetite for Green Bonds continues in Q3

15/11/2016 The Data Sheet tool gives detailed analysis on Green bonds

Morocco enters Green Bonds

09/11/2016 Green Bond Market deepens further. Use our Data Sheet tool to find out by how much

BoE supports a social agenda in additions to QE Corporate List

09/11/2016 Unexpected issuance has been included

LIBOR Problems: US Proposes 3 Rates

08/11/2016 Use the Data Sheet Tool to check the size of the USD FRN market.  

Bank of America sticks with Green Issue

07/11/2016 Electoral uncertainty does not deter Green Bonds

Domestic Banks continue to reduce outstandings in US CP markets

04/11/2016 Banks buck the trend in ECP market

Brexit court defeat

03/11/2016 What will be the impact on Sterling issuance?  

Green Bond Market Deepening

02/11/2016 Issuance for Q4 2016 looks impressive

IFC Issues Innovative USD152m Bond to Protect Forests and Deepen Carbon-Credit Markets

02/11/2016 3 Bookrunners

Treasury, Gilt, Bund yields continue their ascent

27/10/2016   October continues trend 

New ECPP market standards unveiled

25/10/2016 Schuldschein issuance now included

USCP jumps on Domestic Non-Financials + Foreign Financials, whilst ECP drops on lack of SSA Rolls

21/10/2016 US reclaim largest CP market crown

Bank of England consults to overhaul SONIA Overnight Market

19/10/2016 Substantial reforms explained.

FCA tackles League Table Credibility

18/10/2016 In particular loss-making trades and misleading league tables in pitchbooks.

3rd Quarter Syndicated and Private Placement League Tables

17/10/2016 HSBC leads in Green Bonds; Create your own league tables using the custom League Table Tool.

Foreign Banks Continue Retreat from USCP Market (1)

14/10/2016 Euro CP Market continues to expand

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