Press Releases

Euro CP up USD 6.2bn as USCP climbs USD 10.4bn

26/06/2017 Corp ECP down on last week

Euro CP down USD 1.5bn as USCP drops USD 6.8bn

16/06/2017 SSA goes against the grain

Euro CP down USD 5.3bn as USCP gains USD 13.7bn

09/06/2017 Domestic Banks driving US market

Euro CP up USD 5.5bn as USCP drops USD 21.3 bn

02/06/2017 Banks driving ECP gains

Euro CP hits USD 1tn as USCP drops to USD 991bn

12/05/2017 SSA's make the largest gain

Euro CP down USD 14.5bn as USCP decreases USD 6.1bn

05/05/2017 Euro Corporate's make small gain

Euro CP hits USD 1 Trillion as USCP just under

28/04/2017 Foreign Banks Drive US Market

Euro CP down USD 4.4bn as USCP increases by USD 5.3bn

21/04/2017 Foreign Banks not active in US market

Euro CP up by USD 10.75bn as USCP drops USD 10.9bn

07/04/2017 Euro CP approaching the 1 Trillion mark

Euro CP up by USD 7.6bn, USCP drops USD 3.6bn

31/03/2017 US Domestic Non-financials have the biggest influence

Euro CP and USCP almost neck-and-neck

24/03/2017 US Financials surge

Euro CP decreased USD 750m whilst USCP down USD 1.4bn

17/03/2017 US Financials drag

Euro CP up USD3.4bn whilst USCP drops USD10.3bn

10/03/2017 Euro market reclaims largest title...just

SSA Drives Euro CP, US Domestic Banks Fall Back

03/03/2017 Weekly Outstandings Snapshot

Euro CP up by USD 1.5bn whilst USCP jumps USD 10bn

24/02/2017 Domestic Banks Drive USCP

Euro CP increases by USD 13.5bn, USCP up USD 10.9bn

17/02/2017 Foreign Banks push USCP Market

Euro CP increases by USD960m whilst USCP increased by USD5.8bn

10/02/2017 Foreign Banks retreat from US market

Euro CP Drops nearly USD20bn as USCP Reclaims Largest Market Title

03/02/2017 Euro Gov's plummet as Corps gain ground

Euro CP Increases by USD15.7bn whilst USCP increased by USD9.1bn

27/01/2017 Both markets pretty much even in total amount outstanding

Euro CP Increases by USD12.6bn whilst USCP Increased by USD18.4bn

20/01/2017 Both markets make continual weekly gains since the start of the year

Euro Commercial Paper increases whilst US Commercial Paper decreases; both by

19/01/2017 Outstandings increased by USD958 million

Euro CP decreases USD18bn as USCP drops USD6.7bn

16/01/2017 However, ABS Markets in Euro and US make gains

Euro CP increases by USD 14.4bn whilst USCP increased by USD 24bn

16/01/2017 Both markets hovering around USD937bn level

Banks continue to drop outstandings in both US and Euro Commercial Paper markets

19/12/2016 US Commercial Paper market size drops faster than Euro-CP.  

Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings Stable as US continues descent

19/12/2016 Non-Financials drive drop in US Commercial Paper Outstandings.

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