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ECP and US CP drop by USD24.6bn in total

02/12/2016 US Domestic Non-Financials drop by USD 24.6 billion

Euro CP & USCP Almost Touch. How much did the gap shrink in 4 weeks?

02/12/2016 Euro SSA and US FIGs Drive Each market

USCP retreats to domestic paper whilst ECP goes SSA

02/12/2016 Euro CP and USCP Almost Touch. Read about it here

ECP up by USD2.5bn whilst USCP down by 8.6bn

02/12/2016 US commercial paper supply shrinks to lowest in a year

ECP Increase USD 10.16bn whilst USCP drop USD16.8bn

02/12/2016 We are now only weeks from ECP overtaking USCP Outstandings.

Domestic Non-Financials continue to increase USCP market, whilst ECP drops on lack of SSA rolls

02/12/2016 For further Euro and US CP analysis use our Data Sheet tool

Investors Pile cash into non-Financial/SSA Commercial Paper


Money Market Funds invest an additional USD28.9bn.   

US CP Market again drops below Euro Commercial Paper Outstandings

02/12/2016 Month End Causes drop on both sides of the Atlantic.

USCP jumps on Domestic Non-Financials + Foreign Financials, whilst ECP drops on lack of SSA Rolls

21/10/2016 US reclaim largest CP market crown

Foreign Banks Continue Retreat from USCP Market (1)

14/10/2016 Euro CP Market continues to expand

Euro CP Overtakes USCP as it Dives to 16 Year low

07/10/2016 US Non-Seasonally adjusted reaches levels not seen since 2000.

Euro CP Outstandings up USD3.48bn, whilst USCP increases USD0.9bn

08/09/2016 US ABS CP Market sees considerable gain

Euro Commercial Paper up USD9.9bn whilst USCP drops USD3bn

08/09/2016 USCP Shrinks for 2nd Week

Euro CP outstandings decrease USD 3.29 billion whilst US CP outstandings drops USD 23 billion

08/09/2016 US CP continues to spiral downwards

Euro CP Outstandings Drop by USD1.53bn whilst USCP Drops USD14.7bn

08/09/2016 SSA and Corporate Euro CP Outstandings fall

CP outstandings drop by USD13.2bn whilst USCP switches FIG for non-FIG

05/08/2016 Bank  ECP outstandings decrease by USD6.5 billion WoW

ECP and US Commercial Paper Markets drop by USD23.3bn

28/07/2016 SSA in Euro CP and non-FIG in the US CP lead the drop. Foreign FIG also drop in the US.

Extra Cash moves to SSA in US and ECP markets

15/07/2016 SSA CP outstandings increased by USD 6.9bn

Banks continue to reduce issuance in ECP and US CP markets

07/07/2016 Bank CP Outstandings dropping faster in the US

Euro Commercial Paper increases USD4.5bn whilst US Commercial Paper decreases by USD6.7bn

24/06/2016 ECP and USCP Investors buy less bank paper.

Euro Commercial Paper increases USD4.9bn whilst US Commercial Paper increases by USD7.1bn

17/06/2016 Corporate and Bank CP markets advance on both sides of the Atlantic.

Euro Commercial Paper increases USD3.7bn whilst US Commercial Paper decrease by USD5.5bn

09/06/2016 In US Commercial Paper, Banks continue to reduce outstandings

Euro Commercial Paper decreases USD1.6bn whilst US Commercial Paper decrease by USD21.8bn

03/06/2016 Biggest drop for US Bank in 1 week since start of 2016.

Bank Euro Commercial Paper increases USD13.9bn whilst US Commercial Paper decrease by USD3.6bn

27/05/2016 In 3 weeks ECP have increased USD30.4bn

Bank Euro Commercial Paper increases USD2.9bn whilst Foreign Bank US Commercial Paper decrease by USD3.2bn

19/05/2016 ECP increases by USD4.1bn due to the Bank and Corporate Sectors.

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