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Machinery Industry sector
Companies whose main line of business is manufacturing industrial, construction and agricultural machinery and parts.

Manufacturing Industry Sector
The Manufacturing Industry Sector consists of companies that manufacture goods using raw materials to create a finished product.

Marketing & Advertising Industry sector
Companies providing advertising, marketing or public relations services.

Media and Photography Industry sector
Companies producing film, television or radio programmes and related services. ...

Medium Term Note (MTN) security type
A negotiable debt instrument that promises to pay the bearer or registered owner an amount or a number of amounts in the future....

Medium Term Note Programme
MTNs are typically issued under the terms of a standardised documentation and issuance arrangement   called Medium Term Note Programme. Distinctions are being made between programmes that operate in different markets, like for example a US domestic market MTN programme or a Euro MTN programme. See ...

Metals and Plastic Packaging Industry Sector
Companies that manufacture products made from Metal and Plastic to be used for packaging.

Mining Industry sector
Companies engaged in production or extraction of metals and minerals including, nonferrous metal mining and precious metals.

Monetary Financial Institutions
Resident credit institutions under EU law

Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs)
Central Bank, Credit Institution, Money Market Fund and Other Institution

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